Hey guys, do me a favor. Chill.

1. This isn’t full time gig for me.
2. My life is changing.
3. I’m not ready to talk about what is happening.
4. I AM updating, it’s called Applegeeks Lite. There is a reason why it’s on top of the site.

I’m juggling a lot of things right now and for a while I have been focusing on specific things. Which as a result taking me away from other things.

Catching Up

Last Friday AG lite is finally up. I’m working on Monday comic right now. Should be up soon.

AG Lite possibly delayed!

Hey guys! Just a heads up, the comics are possibly going to be a little delayed. We’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes here and Hawk has had a lot going on this past weekend.

Have a good week!

iFaces 2

Wednesday’s AG Lite is up. It continues from Monday’s AG Lite.

Monday AGLite Recreated

I love my readers!

Thanks @heliosengine!

Gutters Guest

Ryan Sohmer from Least I Could Do asked if I could draw Monday Gutters’ comic. My response was hell yeah. Check it out.


New AG lite is up. I created this comic after creating these photos with my iPad and Photobooth.

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