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April 6, 2008

EDIT: Gizmodo picked it up too! Awesome!!

Hey guys! I’ve got a cool project to share with you, one that I’ve been a part of. My brother Ajay and his friends Bowei, Samir, and a couple of other folks have all been working day and night to develop a better photo app for the iPhone, and it’s finally been released! Snapture can be found at The best part? It’s FREE. They ask for donations on their site, so if you want to throw a couple of bucks their way in appreciation of their hard work, I’m sure they’d be quite happy about that. :D

Snapture adds a lot of functionality to picture-taking that was remarkably overlooked in the iPhone’s stock camera app. With Snapture, you can now take photos by tapping anywhere on the screen or using the volume button, there’s a burst mode that allows you to take 3 photos in a row, you can save at multiple image sizes, there’s a timer mode and much more! Check out the full feature list, it’s impressive.

As for my part of the project, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on creating graphics for the app’s user interface. With Yuko’s help, we came up with what I’d like to think is a pretty slick visual style for the program – I’m quite happy with the end result. Take a look for yourself!

Pretty cool! There will be some tweaks in the next release (the perfectionist in me is already marking down improvements). I had a LOT of fun doing this – a big thank you to my brother Ajay and his crew for the opportunity! And CONGRATULATIONS – your hard work paid off, this is an awesome program! And to the iPhone users out there – please, enjoy!