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Small Applegeeks Konfabulator Update

I’m in the process of moving this site to another server. If you downloaded the Applegeeks Konfabulator, you will need to download the updated version. There was a slight code change. If you don’t download the updated version, you will see a broken image.

Legos are sooo sweet.

I was doing a little research for Monday’s upcoming strip, and stumbled across this. Man, I used to love legos, and I’m sure a lot of you remember them too … anyway, props to this guy. Takes a lot of effort to do something like that. And a lot of time. Waaaay too much free time.

Kind of like people who do webcomics …


Vacation is ON! Don’t sweat it Hawk. ^_^

Damn It!

RULE #1: Always make a backup!

I just screwed up the whole fuckin blog database. Damn it!

Ok I’m officially pissed off right now. Excuse me while I kick my own ass!