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IRC on iPhone/Touch

Jan 12, 2008

Using Colloquy on my Mac Pro, I was able to get on IRC and chat in the AG channel using my iPod Touch.

You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone/Touch to make this work. All you need is the latest Colloquy and the plugin for it. You can connect to the AG IRC channel at and /join #applegeeks. 

Quick Look plug-ins

Leopard’s Quick Look allows you to view the contents of a file (html, text, etc) without even opening it. You can also watch a full-screen video with just a single click (spacebar). However, if you do a Quick Look on a folder, it will not show you the folder’s contents. So a developer, Taiyo, created a plug-in for Quick Look that allows you to view the folder. There is also a plug-in to view zip files.

Awesome work Taiyo.

Leopard Installed

Leopard is installed on both of my machines, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. Couple of things I noticed…

Adobe Photoshop CS 3 interface is a bit buggy in Leopard. I had to restart the program (Photoshop) a few times, the brush tool started to spaz out and stop working. Also, the top and side toolbar would grey out randomly when I would switch back and forward between programs.

The other thing I noticed, Spaces make sense on a laptop but weird to use on a machine with dual monitors.

More later.


Periscope by Freeverse is a pretty cool webcam application. I find the interface to be clean and well designed. However, the application acts more like a security cam than a regular webcam app. For example it has movement and noise detection. You can set your Mac to take a picture when it detects movement in the room or hears a sound. So if you want to know who touches your Mac when you’re not home, this app might be for you.