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Really late

Wow, it’s 12:41 am and I just finished inking the comic. Talk about late….

Not sure how long I’ll be staying up to finish the comic since I have to go to work in the morning, we’ll see. For now here’s a peek of one of the panels.

Ink then color

The inking for Issue 298 is finally done. Now all I have to do is scan it and color it. In the mean time, here’s another animation. Keep in mind I don’t have any animation background at all. Just like drawing, I’m teaching myself all this. I wish I went to a school that taught animation, I’m starting to like it.

Eve Sculpture

Yeah, I’m still not done with it. This sculpture was sitting on my shelf for months. Luckily I’m using super sculpey, so it doesn’t harden until I bake it. Speaking of baking, does anybody know if I can use a regular oven or do I need a super duper 10000 degree oven to bake a sculpey sculpture.

Here is a nice article about a PC user switching over to a Mac.