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Custom Photo Illustrations

As you know, I work full-time for a small design studio in Washington D.C. Couple days ago I finished a few custom photo illustrations for a commercial director/photographer, Kenny Morrison.

I was given couple of modeling photos on a white background. My task was to create an environment surrounding the models.

Click on the image below to see the illustrations.


New Wallpaper

Painting on Canvas

Last night I decided to stay away from photoshop and do something away from the computer for a change. So I found a canvas I bought a month ago, decided to make use of it. This is what I came up with…

Tiny Canvas

Tiny Canvas

Testing Style

I was trying a different style for the next comic. As I was working on it, I realized I wasn’t really happy with it. So I’m basically going to redo it.

Review: Character art

Since Ananth started to do weekly reviews on books, I thought I would give it a shot with art.

So, here I go!

That is all.

New Ink Piece


If you’re interested in the video, click here. Fair warning, the lighting is really poor.

Short Story

Here’s a short story about a boy and his bunny friend.

(Link opens a new window)