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AG Lite late again!

It’s been a bit of a workweek for me – I just got the script to Hawk in ( a little late), so expect it up some time tomorrow, hopefully. Hope everyone has been having a good week! Have a good weekend. :)

On Hawk and Wasabi

We were at a sushi place a while back and Hawk let on that he wasn’t big on Japanese food. It dawned on me while I was eating – he had probably never eaten wasabi. So, I did what any friend does and issued a challenge – eat some! I know Hawk can handle a lot of spicy food, but wasabi is a different kind of spicy. I was ready to goad him into it, but he just took a huge chunk and popped it into his mouth … and didn’t bat an eyelash. That’s when I knew … Hawk has a robot mouth. IT FEELS NOTHING!!

AG Lite going up late!

Hey guys! I just took a late train in and I’m wrecked … Wednesday’s AG Lite will be up a little late, sorry. I’m recovering from a 13 hour train trip back from Toronto … so worth it to sleep in my own bed, though! Have a good week!

Friday’s AG Lite

is how I feel about the latest episode of LOST! There’s no words for the apathy I have for that show at this point. Discuss in the comments if you like — there will definitely be spoilers in there, so avoid them if you don’t want to know! Although if you still have any LOST-watching friends at this point, you probably already know. ):

No big comic Monday!

Hey guys – Hawk is attending a wedding this weekend and I don’t really want to burden him with work on one of those rather joyous occasions, so the big comic is postponed! AG Lite will update as usual.

I’ll be walking around MoCCA today, so feel free to flag me down and say hello. I don’t bite, I promise. ;)

Have a good weekend!