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S’Modest Mouse, for those not in the know.

Saw three movies for the first time this weekend … Shrek, Shakespeare in Love, and Equilibrium.

Shrek was funny. Duh.

Shakespeare in Love totally clocked me over the head. I was expecting some hideous love story with historical undertones, but it’s actually very very good. I’d … surprisingly … recommend it. If you’re looking for a movie with a good story.

Equilibrium was pretty cool, but some of the critics said things like “Forget the Matrix”, and … er, no, it’s not quite the Matrix. The action scenes are pretty cool, although they don’t have quite the … cleanliness? … that the fight scenes in the Matrix had (especially speaking of the first movie here). The plot was … well, it was Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. It took the relevant parts practically straight out of the book – Father, Prozium, the Grammaton Clerics, are all a few of the themes that Equilibrium adapts. It’s a cool movie, though … worth renting, for sure.

Er, the comic. All I’ll say is that I’m no Hawk. -_-;;

E-mail troubles.

Apparently we’re having trouble with e-mail … I can’t seem to send out replies to e-mail, and I’ve been informed by a friend that sending e-mail doesn’t work either.

It’s being looked into.

Legos are sooo sweet.

I was doing a little research for Monday’s upcoming strip, and stumbled across this. Man, I used to love legos, and I’m sure a lot of you remember them too … anyway, props to this guy. Takes a lot of effort to do something like that. And a lot of time. Waaaay too much free time.

Kind of like people who do webcomics …