Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a great holiday. It’s tofu turkey for me! Maybe some mashed potatoes, some pumpkin pie, some cranberry sauce … mmm. I’m getting hungry.

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Comment by Colt
2010-11-25 13:05:06

… tofu… turkey…? As a good ole southern boy… Where the only thing you stuff a dead bird with is more dead bird… taking the dead bird out of the equation… pure blasphemy. This is most disheartening.

Comment by reso
2010-12-24 13:59:57

hah, colt, i clicked into the comments to say the same sort of thing, only to find you’d done it better than i would have. well done, my friend.

ananth, i hope you enjoyed your tofu turkey, and wish you a happy holiday season (whatever is left of it, anyhow).

peace! :D

Comment by Jessica
2010-11-27 12:07:19

hope you had a good turkey day!! who cooked?

Comment by Ashley
2010-12-26 01:33:08

As late as I am in saying this, hope your Tofurkey was good and you had a fun holiday~ Also: Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah~

Comment by nope
2011-01-10 08:54:16

so are the lazy bastards that write this thing ever gonna update the main comic? its been lord knows how long and tofurkey? god i hate vegans….

Comment by Ewan Lim
2011-01-11 12:58:49

@ Nope:

aw come on… these guys have actual careers and they are most possibly very busy. They will update sooner or later. Just be patient…

Comment by Pirksaddict
2011-01-13 19:07:35

I will second you on that Ewan Lim. We are all busy people. In the current economy here in the states, if we’re not, we’re most likely homeless or on welfare. Though, with as long as it has been, I do bein to wonder if they have elected to abandon the comic in favor of survival. If so, that will make me rather sad as this comic kept me sentient during the entireity of highschool and middle school.

Comment by Phil
2011-01-27 03:46:02

Any chance of some updated to the comics soon? It has all been a little slow for a very long time. I love the comics and know you are likely busy but something would be good, even if it is just a note to let us all know we can come back one day to find the strips updated. Another web comic I read called yehuda moon pops up an hiatus notice every time he wants a break and all his loyal followers know when to return.

Comment by Gardner
2011-02-06 03:44:42

Lets us admit that this web comic is dead. A damn shame too. It was really very good. But it slowly got sidelined by AG Lite and now has stopped all together.

Comment by Orange
2011-02-08 04:00:13

It would be nice to hear something from them, even if it is to tell us that its dead.

Comment by NeoDarklight
2011-02-13 00:16:48

…Is this comic officially dead? Or have you guys just been having problems of your own?

Comment by USUCK
2011-03-07 12:08:02

U guys suck. Just up and leaving everyone wondering what is going on. Choke on it!

Comment by PonderThis
2011-03-18 08:17:03

Hey, I understand RL taking up all your time. I really do. You get started on a new job you love and it eats your time and the next thing you know MONTHS have passed. But rather than make people dig through old blog posts and google up what’s going on, how about a big ON HIATUS on the front page? Maybe a short notice of some sort and a guess of when you can resume or simply say you don’t know when you’ll be able to resume. Thx. :)

Comment by Lollo Lolloni
2011-03-21 06:23:37

so, is apple geeks dead?
At least say so
it must suck for whoever even bought the comic
if there’s something I hate, are unfinished stories

Comment by iknowiknow
2011-04-01 10:50:11

thought it would be funny if it updated on April Fools…

Comment by thundercats
2011-04-19 13:24:16

R.I.P applegeeks you made me laugh and have such good times in the past you had so much potential its sad it never worked out and worst of all its sad to see it left incomplete when the comic deserved so much more.

Comment by Base Gaurdian
2011-05-10 00:15:24

Judging by Hawk having his own studio and I’ve seen some other comic by Ananth, I would guess that AG is officially over. This was such a good comic too… I will miss it.

Comment by Base Gaurdian
2011-05-10 00:15:49

Just a guess though

Comment by Torkwase
2011-05-23 01:12:41

Hello guys,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Apple Geeks and thank you for the humor you kept giving to us for so long. It’s been real. Machall went and now AG has joined them, so ends the great mac humor comics.

Comment by Booberry
2011-07-09 14:14:04

MacHall isn’t dead; it’s been reborn, of sorts, but now revolving around their (mostly) post college lives. They make no pretense about updating regularly, since they have working lives, but they do update and keep people updated. http://threepanelsoul.com/

Comment by Jesse Graves
2011-06-17 01:08:43

it may start again some time, if you follow their twitters hawkster just said he had recently gotten through a 9 month long project that was eating up just about all of his time, and as for the haters out there, if you’re pissed at something, please be an adult AND GTFO, sick to death of people griefing these guys even though they said in a RANT that it was getting sidelined do to their JOBS, this has never, and will never be their primary focus and was never meant to be. so please be patient…and let the people work

Comment by Hylean
2011-06-18 19:59:54

Many people on here don’t follow their twitters, though, and it shouldn’t be a requirement that they do. Hawk makes comics for Gutters, posts on his website etc. and Ananth is happily commenting and working away on Johnny Wander. Neither has actively posted on this site since November. That is the issue. Both are alive and active elsewhere, but are ignoring a fanbase that is relatively loyal. All of us understand that they are busy, that they have lives and that they aren’t focussing on AG right now, but the utter silence regarding anything is a bit annoying, especially as we were promised AGLite updates to make up for the lack of main comic updates. It doesn’t take long and hurts no one just to check in once in a while and let us all know they will be returning.

There are artists out there with far worse situations who still manage to post and update. Not necessarily regularly, but they do it.

Comment by BJMcG
2011-07-28 13:54:15

Hear hear!
Well said. No anger, just feeling abandoned.

They don’t have to update the comic if they can’t, but a quick blog post wouldn’t take too much time, surely?

Comment by Icewolf
2011-10-13 04:32:24

I’ve watched the comic for a few years now and i thought that they just disappeared. like you said, not mad just feel abandoned.

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Comment by aaron m russell
2011-06-29 03:42:47

Soo…is the comic dead? Even the Light and the Rants have stopped for nearly 8 months. I can understand if you’re done. I can understand if you’re taking a hiatus, I can understand if you’re too busy to even do what you promised you were able to do…BUT TELL SOMEONE! Post an update with an expected return. Or that you don’t have one and that you will update when you do. Or face facts and say the comic is dead. It should only take you a few minutes to do that much.

Comment by Saerzin
2011-07-25 10:17:30

Hello here, just want to say I discovered AppleGeeks 4 days ago and read everything with increased pleasure (it also makes me want to buy a Mac and starting programming!! the power of influencing peoples by such a pleasure comic is really something don’t you think?^^). Now, I’m really sad to read the comments and, like the others fans, I just want to know if there will be an update…

Please let me know!!! I’m so addicted now!!!!

By the way, really sorry for my english: I’m french, so it’s difficult to me to speak correctly and understand all the humor^^

Comment by sara
2011-10-25 08:03:13

Hey. This comic has been on for over a month, where are the new comics?

Comment by Chris
2011-11-19 03:11:40

Happy thanksgiving to you too! I hope AG comes back someday, but either way, I’ve enjoyed it so far. Thanks for making a great comic!

Comment by Dru
2011-11-25 05:22:59

Wow. One year since they last posted. Time flies, eh?

Comment by Krillin
2011-11-25 19:51:28

Yeah I was thinking the same has been awhile hope life is going well.

Comment by Xan Elite
2011-11-26 05:38:09

Over a year has past….I’m afraid that I’ll be removing this from my favorites. Thanks for the memories.

Comment by Blank-Mage
2011-11-28 03:27:55

Happy thanksgiving! I had no idea you gu- oh.

Comment by Zac Moss
2012-01-20 12:30:37

So, you guys going to update?

Comment by Doc Cross
2012-02-13 11:20:00

this saddens me, to such an awesome comic left to gather dust and sit, appreciated by fans, but seemingly forgotten by its creators.

Comment by Hopper
2012-02-16 17:47:27

We miss you guys.:(

Comment by Hopper
2012-02-16 17:51:23

Sorry it had to be said. But I do hope you both are doing well and that one day we shall see you back again.

Comment by Apoca1ypse
2012-05-09 14:00:47

Very sad that this comic has been abandoned. It was my favourite comic when it was in it’s prime. Had to have a reread of the whole thing the other day. damn it’s a good comic.

I’m just glad that their servers are still up and I can introduce friends to the awesome that is Applegeeks.

Comment by richard
2012-08-26 10:56:14

I just couldn’t let the last comment on the last AG post be a spam link. It’s been nearly 2 years since an update. This comic rocks, it really sucks it was left hanging on a pretty anti-climatic note after all these years. Please bring it back or at least give it a dignified ending.

Comment by antionestrife
2012-11-01 16:56:29

What the hell this comic was abandoned a year ago. I just came across it and some of the story is pretty good. I would have done web comic review too. Oh well…

Comment by Nexus Trimean
2012-11-24 02:13:15

2 years, both you an hawk are missed greatly, i enjoy your new projects but i still miss Applegeeks.

Comment by geist
2012-11-26 11:25:07

in memory of applegeeks. it has been two years since you have disappeared leaving us all heartbroken. we loved you well, we miss you.

Comment by Brian Floe
2013-02-10 11:17:56

hi guys, I just stumpled on your website. I’m sharing this on MyAppleSpace in the ‘Apple Comics” space:

Comment by ratholos
2013-02-11 22:53:31

The last comment will not be spam!

Anywho, we miss you guys.

Comment by jd
2013-04-25 13:31:11

Hey, it’s been three years. Maybe you want to, I don’t know, at least tip your hats to your fans and thank them for ever reading? At least an acknowledgement? Something?

Comment by Jonnyk
2013-05-20 12:11:36

Wait, wait, wait. Not only do you feel that you deserve recognition for reading a web comic, but you have come back to it 3 years after its final update to scold the creators for not delivering that recognition yet?

Comment by hey guys, please?
2013-06-23 14:22:20

i’ve seen hawk draw eve since this ended, i checked back here to see if anything would happen. i’d like to know, will applegeeks ever come back? you guys are epic, but just ending without anything! i wish that one of you would at least post a “ok we’re done with this, time to move on” something! anything! just let us know something.

Comment by LongtimeReaderMatt
2014-02-08 17:54:46

I continue to wait anxiously for the next comic to come out.

Comment by LongtimeReaderMatt
2014-03-16 22:49:36

Anyone remember the date of the last update?

Might have a lonely update party here in the dark pit at the bottom of the comments…or buy a puppy…

Comment by Ice Raven
2014-07-15 21:46:37

Yep still DEAD !


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