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  1. YOU ARE ON THIS LIST APPLEGEEKS! I thought you should know.
    here is the original link!-http://chrishanel.tumblr.com/post/19196576643/spread-the-word-updated
    Spread the Word (UPDATED)

    UPDATE 2: The app has been unpublished from the Android store.

    UPDATE: Word has spread like crazy on this post, and I want to thank everyone for getting the word out. I’ve seen multiple authors on the list posting or tweeting that they’ve been notified. HOWEVER: The call for this post was to get word to webcomic creators to be able to handle the situation, NOT to have people contact the app developer. That’s why I didn’t link the app directly. I have no direct evidence that this guy is getting nastygrams, but I can guess from previous internet drama experience that the odds are better than not.

    I’ll write a follow-up post shortly.

    Do you support webcomics? Take this one question survey:

    1. Do you take the RSS feed of over 90 webcomics, rip the images, put them in your Android app, and then put your own advertisements next to them in order to make money?

    Congratulations: If you said “Yes”, then NO, YOU DO NOT SUPPORT WEBCOMICS.

    There’s a thief- and he is a thief, let’s not be wimpy on that point- that has done exactly that, releasing his app in “Pro” and “Free” versions (wow, what a nice guy!) for people to read their favorite webcomics and earn him money. Somehow, this is not only okay, but apparently “supporting publishers for their efforts”. In other news, robbing a bank is “helping them gain exposure”.

    The name of the app is DailyComix. I won’t be linking the app – no chance in hell – but if you are a fan of one of the below listed webcomics, please contact the creators and let them know that they are being stolen from and that a software dev has made the decision for them how their content is viewed. The developer has posted that they are honoring all requests to have strips removed (again, what a SWELL GUY!), and it’s my hope that the only webcomic left when we’re done getting the word around is his own.

  2. Why does this page even still exist? It is obvious that you have absolutely no interest in drawing this comic anymore, or even letting your readership know wtf is going on? Just shut it down and delete it if you care so little about your readers.

  3. AppleGeeks 3.0 Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Still miss you Hawk. You fellow AppleGeeks wait patiently.

    We look forward to getting you back.

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  6. I still miss this comic. Will Hawk ever remember his promise? Or has RL grabbed his full attention for good?

  7. I can’t understand that if they haven’t updated in nearly 2 years why they bother even still hosting this site.

    The only thing that really irks me is that Hawk is doing guest comics and Ananth has been writing weekly for Johnny Wander all this time.

  8. Yeah, some part of me is still holding out some faint hope that Hawk will at least try to finish this storyline and make more Eve merch. Because Eve is awesome and I want Eve merch.

  9. *raises a glass* To AppleGeeks! 2 years without an update.

    Deleted my bookmark about a year ago, but out of perverse curiosity I popped in today to see if Hawk or Ananth had put any kind of update up on the site.

    So, belated happy anniversary folks. Think it’s time to put up the chairs, turn off the lights, lock the doors and go home.

  10. Happy New Years, Applegeeks. Makes me sad that we’re headed for 3 years without even news but I am thankful for the wonderful stories you gave us. Y’all’s comic got me into webcomics and made a troubled time bearable.

    Thank you.

  11. Reformatted, and loaded up an outdated collection of bookmarks.

    …oddly enough, I actually had a friend start up a webcomic, built a small following for two years…and now he’s letting weeks and weeks go between comics without notice. I’ll punch him in the head for being a weasel about it.

    Hawk isn’t my friend though…so I kinda hope he’s dead, but I kinda hope I meet him someday so I can tell him I hope he’s dead…ya know what I mean? :)

  12. Abandoning your comic without saying anything is a really shitty thing to do to your fans. If you’re done with the comic, that’s perfectly fine, but the least you can do for your fans is at least tell them you’re done with it, rather than just letting it hang, with no updates.

  13. What Hawk did was a shitty thing, that’s perfectly fair to say, but you’d go far enough to wish death upon him for abandoning a WEBCOMIC? Seriously? Please seek help.

    Hawk’s not dead, he’s done several comics for Gutters since the hiatus here and he’s very active on Twitter. In fact sometime last year I remember him making new drawings with Eve. Of course it’s obvious he’s never coming back but he’s still out there.

  14. I still check weekly… hoping, wishing, waiting…

    Damn you Life, how dare you steal our hawk?

  15. I cannot believe i just read most of those comments, you can really see the tensions rising as time presses on. You can even see the exact point where people become mindless fools spouting absolute garbage in the hopes that it will entice both a skilled writer and a talented artist back to wrap up a project they left mid way.

    Ananth is busy, Hawk is busy… it sucks, but seriously people… chill out. If you want to get on to them about something of utter importance, there’s a myriad of ways to do so. Hawk may even find a little time to reply to a 3 word comment on Instagram. They’re far from dead, and not exactly hiding out, if you are a true fan then show some respect and stop whining. Maybe even purchase some goods, or back Ananth and Hawk’s other endeavors.

  16. I think its safe to say we all miss your comic and the adventure it brought. The characters were well written and the story line was trippy. I believe some people have left harsh comments because they dont know how to deal with the loss they are feeling with any other means than rage. I would think that we all hope for you to finish or in the very least tie up the major loose ends in a few comics and call it a project. However you don’t really owe us anything. This was your project. You started it of your own accord and supplied it for free. You’ve stepped away from it for a few years now in the pursuit of a career. I myself miss your comic for the simple laughter it brought me when I read it. You created a wonderful world. Be proud of that.

  17. I’m still surprised that he pays for the domain to autorenew and for continued hosting of the site. I doubt this is $5/month hosting. The hosting cost has had to go up in the past three years as well especially now that IBM owns the hosting provider.

  18. Greetings,
    Could you please repair AG Lite so the previous strips will be shown anew? Currently no matter what link one clicks, only the most recent strip is displayed…

  19. Hey Hawk. I was reading my paper-bound AppleGeeks books and decided to stop by and make my bi-annual check on the site to see if there were any updates. :)
    I can say that AG is easily the best drawn web comic I’ve ever seen, so I hope you start drawing it again soon.

    Have a great summer!

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