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  1. Yeah, shame it’s angry posts like this that probably made them decide not to hold to their word in the first place, huh?

    After all, why bother satisfying a bunch of impatient cunts who complain about pretty much anything after stating what’s happening…

  2. Authors-“We’re going to update this!” [authors proceed to update other stuff, copious amount of time passes]


    Authors-[authors don’t say anything, update other stuff]

    Crazy Christians-“SEE? You’ve angered god, and now he’s punishing you. You are sloppy filth, not worthy of updates! We are all but worms unto god’s glory! Repent, for he has no obligation to his own willful and public statements!”


    Authors-“…was there another website? Maybe we could be halfway decent, like PBF, or…wait a sec, gotta update this other thing.”

  3. You guys can bash or defend…whichever you like…but I have to ask…when did anyone proclaiming to be Christian say anything about angering God? I’m sure people other than Christians have some of those same opinions. It seems that people think we need to turn everything into a debate about religion, race, sexual preference, or political agenda these days. It’s a damned webcomic people! I’m as upset as anybody…but all this bashing each other and calling out select groups that have nothing to do with it is bullshit….

  4. and what about people who buy the books and would like some continuation? are we on the same level as those who only lurk and pester for more free stuff? if there’s one thing i hate, it’s buying a series of books only to find out the author drops the story in the middle of it. (aka shaman king, MX-0…)

  5. I apologize if your religion of choice feels left out of the metaphor. Current weather events in my region and select loud, decidedly Christian, opinions on its cause fit too well. If you’d like, you could provide me a full list of the nuances of each crazy sect of each religion, and in the future I’ll try to incorporate them all instead of being concise. That way, when you don’t actually have anything meaningful to post, you don’t have to post at all :)

  6. Damn it, how can I focus on foreign affairs when you guys won’t update the comic? I’ve been in such a dump I can’t focus on improving the economy anymore.

  7. Hey guys, know it’s been a while. Hope all is well with your lives. Give us an update(those of us too dumb to figure out where any alternate projects are going on).

  8. Four days to discover AppleGeeks, 4 months waiting an update^^ Guys, it’s you who make me discover the webcomics!!! Please! And yeah, I didn’t know the webcomics cause I’m French. French fan!! Dude, I bought you the Eiffel Tower for an update!

  9. Please men! I really want to know what will happen!!! If you don’t make any updates never, please tell us! If you don’t…I will move to USA to scream under your windows every night…or learn at all USA girls the “french kiss” so you will not be good kissers anymore!!! French fans are crazy, dude…

  10. …and here I thought we’d at least get a eulogy from Hawk on the passing of Steve Jobs. Huh.

  11. I stopped by for the same reason. After a year without updates, it’s weird that only now do I feel like the comic is done. Even so, I’m still going to follow Hawk and Ananth’s careers!

  12. They’re working freelance I assume? Most companies normally don’t like sizable abandoned projects publicly associated with their employees…unless they’re government contractors.

  13. I know Ananth is working on another comic drawn by his girlfriend Yuko called “Johnny Wander”. Slice’o’life type stuff. …A lot about their cats :3 I’m not sure what else he is working on at the moment.

    Hawk draws an issue of “The Gutter” every now and then, and he does a bunch of other stuff too. You can see what he is up to at Hawkstudios.net

  14. They are artists in my area, and sometimes we go to the same conventions. So I like to keep tabs on what they and a bunch of other artist/writers are doing.

  15. I like Jhonny Wanders, I like “Gutters”…but I would like to see the rest of AG! I wish I could go to an artist or comic convention to say “Hey Ananth, really nice work but what about AG? and Yuko, fantastic art too!” but…I’m french (living in…france! tadaaa!!!!) and can’t do that…is there somebody who tried this (after all the time) and can say what was the answer about THE LIFE, THE UNIVERS AND APPLEGEEKS QUESTION? I offer a camembert at who can say.

  16. Soooo…. anyone planning a get-together to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of AppleGeeks’ passing come November 22nd?

  17. Why celebrate a passing?
    I think it’s crazy that it ended…. but like this comic, it was either abandoned or the person died. Or the slight chance they forgot their password to their acct >_>

  18. it was more than likely abandoned since the artist who worked on this comic now does Johnny Wander with Ananth

  19. Hawk is dead!

    Long live Hawk!

    He hath Hawked and now Hawketh no more!

    He Hawked and died with Hawkdom!

    He Hawked down the current to join the bleedin choir Hawk!


    (seriously though Hawk, get off your bony behind and post something)

  20. Nope.jpg. Hawk still maintains hawkstudios.net AFAIK, but the artist for Johnny Wander is Yuko Ots, Anaths girlfriend and the artist of ye olde fallencomic.

  21. One year of no updates! Whooohoo!

    Kind of tragic actually. Between AppleGeeks and MacHall there was some really epic web-comic awesomeness going on. At least when MacHall graduated to 3Panel Soul I could at least see a progression and keep in contact with a favourite artist and writer. Now with AppleGeeks it’s just a forgotten project where the artist posts on twitter all the time and the writer has moved onto an entirely different project and nothing is ever said as to what the fate of the old project is. *shrug*

    I’ve been patient. I’ve attempted *rational* contact through various channels with Hawk without trying to be either an asshole or a ravening fanboy and still so no contact. Hell, I purchased some of his damned merchandise. Now, one year later, I’m deleting my bookmark and will no longer be returning.

    RIP AppleGeeks 2003-2010

  22. Still waiting and still hoping… against the odds.
    Yes, I am also a bloody Browncoat; it’s hard to move away.

  23. What the hell do you mean “traitor”?! He doesn’t owe us– especially entitled little pricks like YOU–a single gods-damned thing! All most of us would like is a head’s up on how he’s doing, besides the rapid-fire tweets. :P

  24. keep waiting, i’ve known websites to randomly revive themselves after years of being dead…
    hell that reminds me… i need to get back to MY readers… woops

  25. Yay! Over one whole year and still dead! This makes me so happy that a web comic that I read for lord knows how long is still dead! (sarcasm very much included)

    But seriously though, as much as I’d like to see more content on this site, I REALLY do believe that it’s done for. No posts, no tweets. It’s done, lets just pack up and say good bye to a good comic thank these guys for a great run.

  26. Just stumbled on this in my google reader. Good Memories. I started reading this and xkcd because of megatokyo, and it filled my light-hearted madness quota when megatokyo got all serious. Does anyone know of any comics that can fill the hole in my madness quota left by applegeeks

  27. Also, can someone please just go ahead and contact Hawk on twitter to see what the whole deal is with AG?

  28. Why do I keep coming back here knowing full well that there’s not ever going to be an update again?

  29. Probably the same reason you keep posting the same comment since July. Self-validation using the site and popularity of someone else.

    Also note: The domain was set to expire on Dec 23, 2011. You may have noticed, the site is still up. That is because the domain has been renewed for another year. Until it expires, there is always hope it will return.

  30. ??? Honestly, I don’t understand the concept of “self-validation”, but that’s besides the point. Let’s just hope that the other thing you said means something good.

  31. Based on the timing of the renewal, it looks like it may have been an auto-renewal. AppleGeeks and other sites Hawk runs is hosted by SoftLayer (formerly ThePlanet).

    If you check out Hawk’s blog, he has done some drawings of Eve; that and his last big blog post on AppleGeeks would lead me to believe he still has an interest in doing what he said in that post: he loves doing AppleGeeks, doesn’t have a lot of time due to his new job, and wants to at least finish the current story arc. I do hope he finds some time to finish the current arc at least.

  32. Speaking of his work, he designs models based on geek culture like sci-fi shows and video games, right? Where can I see the stuff he made?

    Also, I really hope he eventually finds time to finish the comic, though that statement has become so redundant and has been echoed so many times by so many people that it’s become truly ridiculous.

  33. Came back here to see a shit storm of rage. I stopped reading around the time it stopped updating with any sort of consistency, so at least I didn’t have to catch up on much. I’m surprised that after a year people didn’t consider the fact that it might have been creative differences that killed the project. If you like doing something, that tends to be why you do it, and if you don’t like doing something, you won’t. As to those who believe the comic will start back up, I’d consider this: if you have content available online, especially a shop, why would you take it off-line? It doesn’t have to be an actively updated comic to be something people would spend money on. Still, I’m hardly bitter. It was a pretty fun comic, and I appreciate their efforts for as long as they lasted, and I’ve enjoyed Mr. Hawk’s work in gutters (which, if you’re curious as to why he did it, I’d guess that he got paid to.

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