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  1. I really hope they’re not done with A.G… I miss it. T.T

    I’m half tempted to reread the archives…

  2. Ignore him. This guy’s a troll, pure and simple. Going after Macs and Batman was a nice touch, but we’re not biting.

    I hope AG starts again, but if not, it’s ok. We got something great out of the whole thing.

  3. Yup just as I thought. its not 4/15/2011 and no update! They couldn’t keep a promise to fans and look at all the posts people yelling at them. I’m glad they quit, cause the new style I agree is half assed and crappy! The older style was better. And you know what else is sad about this. Fred from Megatokyo has kids, and still is able to keep his comic going. AG was just a college kid who couldn’t hack it in the web comic business.
    To all those out there looking for the next big thing, well its coming soon!

    Keep your eyes peeled for CR PRoDuCtioNs! They will be the next big comic on the web!

  4. For the next big comic on the web, you’d think they’d learn to use the “Shift” key properly when advertising a business that they want to be taken seriously for.

    Typing like you’ve got Michael J. Fox manning your shift key and using numbers in the place of letters is the kinda behavior I expect from short bus window lickers.

    What’s their work consist of mostly? Video game references and fart jokes?

  5. message for pele. That is the way they spell their name for the comic. Its weird but it does stand out better than just putting CR Productions. CR PRoDuCtioNs stands out better and eye catching.

  6. Well if it stands out better and is eye catching, why do you need to advertize it on the AppleGeeks forum? Anyone who’s looked through your past comments will be less inclined to listen to your opinion on anything web-comic related.

  7. WTF, man. What the hell happened to AppleGeeks? There hasn’t been an update for about three weeks now. Im telling you if they don’t get this comic together im out of here. I’ve been a faithful fan since January 2011 and I want some answers.

  8. You son of a bitch! Don’t get up here saying YOU want answers… we all want answers. I never really liked applegeeks but it was better than doing nothing.

  9. You’ve been a faithful fan since January 2011? There hasn’ been an update since November 2010…

    Calendar much?

    You missed the death.
    You missed the last will and testament.
    You missed the viewing.
    You missed the funeral.
    Shit’s decaying yo.

  10. You know, yeah Hawk and Ananth have worked a lot more on their separate projects and yes they have failed to tell us what’s going on with AppleGeeks as well as keep their fans informed…but we should take into account that they have lives and have full time jobs… Yes I don’t like it that they didn’t say anything for…has it been a year already? But I still respect them. Although I wouldn’t call him a “traitor.” I suppose AppleGeeks is a dead project to him. =/ Sad to say. But you know what, I started to read Johnny Wander as soon as I knew AppleGeeks became a lost cause…which was half a year ago. And I’ve recently started to read The Gutters. (Sohmer also does Least I Could Do, another good comic) As sad as AppleGeeks has died, I say good luck to the both of them in their current/future projects. It’s been a blast to read AppleGeeks from the beginning to the unfortunate end.

  11. “but we should take into account that they have lives and have full time jobs”

    They’ve both been actively posting art, blogs, and comments on other sites. Their jobs and their lives clearly aren’t getting in the way of their free time.

    That said, I’ll say yet again that if they wanted to stop the comic, that is their right. Plot kind of dropped once Hawk and Eve returned from Japan, the art started dropping not long after that, and then the updates were super erratic, so it’s not like this wasn’t obvious.

    It’s the lack of professionalism – the lack of any news or comments about the state of this site – that irks me. They’re both obviously alive and not comatose, so even just a “Sorry, we’re going on hiatus for an undetermined time” would have been acceptable.

    I can understand that ANYTHING could have happened to either or both of them that prevents them from being able to, or wanting to, work on the comic. That’s not a problem for me. But these guys built up the expectation that more updates would come, and then just vanished. That’s not cool.

  12. Yeah I’ll definitely agree that they SHOULD have given us a heads up…would’ve been nice…


    And I agree! The art during the Japan arc was awesome! It totally went downhill from there…

  13. hmmm, decided to re-check this site to see if its been updated, guess not, the artist was way too bitchy and Annath just rocks with Johnnywander.

    Good riddance to this comic, read Ctrl alt del and Penny Arcade, at least those comics wont putter out. Another one bites the dust. VG cats updates more than this one, and that’s pathetic.

  14. I think he simply forgot he has a comic in the first place. Which is even more sad. Somebody who knows where he lives and can actually get in contact with him, give him a slap across the face and get him to tell us what the fuck is going on.

  15. How could anyone forget they have a comic to run? Doesn’t he pay a bill for hosting and for the domain?

  16. who cares :] without annath hes pretty much nothing but a guy who can make posters. Another website taken off my bookmark list

  17. So they had a falling out and neither of them wants to touch this comic? It’s the only thing I can think of…It’s definitely a little weird that someone is still paying the hosting fees though. Maybe they’re just sentimental. But anyways, removed from my bookmarks. No point to having one anymore.

  18. Well they did pretty well to update their comics, however whatever happens they still have their own lives to tend too. Even if the web comics were pushed a side. I think anyone who is complaining is being a bit selfish. They are not obligated to write comics for you, they did it because they volunteer their time in their schedule to do so. Anyways no offense to anyone. =) No really I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  19. None taken, but a final “farewell note” or official hiatus message would have been fine, that’s all. Or if the site is no longer of any use, than close it down and be done with it

  20. If I remember correctly, they stated that they never had any intention of abandoning the webcomic, though they would have considerably less time for it. I’m just wondering if they’ll ever remember their promise.

  21. I have absolutely no idea why I’m still checking this site when it’s clearly still on an unannounced hiatus. But hey! At least Edge of December finally came out of theirs!

  22. But even in the last 6 months they havent found even a couple of minutes to give an update or anything on twitter. A “hey guys, really busy with work and everything”, See that quick blurp took me 15 seconds to type. Which included a long drink of water.

  23. This is sad.
    I feel abandoned.
    That’s the real problem, they spent years making this excellent comic and universe and building up a fanbase and a community on the site, then ZIP. Abandoned. But, hey, hopefully Thanksgiving 2010 was nice!

    All we need is a post on the main site saying “on hiatus until real life stops getting in the way.” Or for one of them to check in every month or two with an update or some new excuse. Don’t we deserve an excuse? I know this was all voluntary, and they’re completely within their rights to just stop without warning. But I thought this site was better than that. I thought there was respect here.

    There’s no love here anymore.

    It’s sad.

  24. You know it’s funny that you mention respect it just made me realize what the problem may be. If anyone can think back to when they first started slowing down, Anath and “Hawk”, both posted a blog stating for all the people to chill out and stop hasseling them. Where was there respect. I’m not saying one person or you or me or at fault but there were people who basically harrassed them. If I was in their shoes I would have been offended and may have taken the same action. I mean they took their free time to entertain us. If you want Applegeeks to come back I think you should all reach out to both Haque and Anath and apologize for the less loyal fanbase. With any luck they will find time to explain the situation and let us know when we may see them again here at applegeeks.

  25. Well, respect and disrespect, trolling and its antonym aside, the fact of the matter is that the comic is on indefinite hiatus without any explained reason. I just wish they would say something about it.

  26. …Someone should go to his Twitter, ask him about it, and post the response. And don’t look at me because I hate twitter.

  27. It may have been their free time but their free time was also being bought from the fans. The books they sold, shirts and other stuff, so they were getting paid for their free time. Vacation, sure but to tell people that bought their merch to go eff themselves more or less because they are too busy.

  28. Why the fuck I keep coming here every now and then, about once every 2 months?
    Seriously guys, fuck off
    thanks for the entarteinment, but leaving a plot unfinished without any reason or at least a message it’s just cruel to whoever spent hours reading

    Addio, e grazie davvero per la professionalit√†, conc’ ‘e gazzu

  29. As has been pointed out repeatedly when those blog posts get mentioned, Hawk was explicit about carrying on with the updates, especially with the AG Lites. We all know they have busy lives; we all know that they may not exactly have the time to do the comic anymore, but the fact remains they haven’t said a thing.

    We were told that updates would continue, if only sporadically, and that we would definitely get AG Lites. Well, we haven’t. Hawk is busy with his new job and moving, which does take a long time to settle down, but he still manages to whip out comics for Gutters, which are generally more detailed than the most recent AG comics. Ananth is also constantly pumping out new material for Johnny Wander. They obviously have some free time. Moreover, whether they have discussed it elsewhere is an irrelevance. As it stands, neither of them has had the decency to post an announcement on this website stating that they are giving up or going on hiatus. That’s just rude and unprofessional. Whether they like it or not, they have a responsibility to the fans to tell us if they are giving up on the comic, even for a short while, which they haven’t done and have just left us in the lurch. Many fans supported them by going to conventions, buying their merchandise and reading their comic and by ignoring this website, they’re throwing all that support back in their faces. It’s wrong and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    This is not about being a loyal fan. A loyal fan isn’t a fan who shuts up and says nothing when the creators are acting badly. A loyal fan isn’t some lapdog who will take anything that’s given with no respect in return. Ananth and Hawk are being disrespectful towards their fanbase right now, by saying absolutely nothing on this website. Wanting some answers does not make us bad fans. Some of the people commenting here have been commenting on this post for a long time. Obviously they are loyal as they keep on coming back and just because they are angry with how they are being treated does not make them bad or disloyal fans.

    I say again, Hawk and Ananth are treating their fans awfully with this lack of contact or explanation. Whilst I am a huge fan of their work, it is really putting me off them as people. Maybe they feel under-appreciated, but I for one would appreciate them more if they showed us a little bit more respect.

  30. Man, some of you guys are so convincing about stupid crap like how the fans “deserve” a continuation of a completely free service that it almost makes me wonder if you aren’t trolls. I especially like now how “respect” is thrown around like somehow they haven’t already mentioned numerous times that they’re busy with their real jobs and the comic, as a side project, always comes second in their life.

    Considering the age of most webcomic readers though, especially those who care enough to post and even more so for trolls, I guess it is hard to imagine what an actual job must be like. I feel sorry for Hawk and Ananth. They’re busy with a real job and if they ever get the energy to waste on someone other than themselves, they’ll come here and see trolls and idiots complaining. It certainly would make me rethink posting here to reiterate what has already been said to a vocal minority just here to complain about their lack of free stuff.

  31. Exactly. Reminds me of volunteering at the senior center. I used to help out these shambling corpses every Saturday for like two years before my car got a flat. Had to replace the rim and everything. I called up to let them know I was going to be a little late, but would still make it every other week. So I change my phone number right after, and took up bird watching on Saturdays. Now, six months later, there’s all these old people (the ones that didn’t croak/forget) that are mad at me! For volunteering! It’s not like they’re paying me. I doubt I’ll ever go back there again (but I promised them I would lol).

  32. See, I think that’s trying a bit too hard for trolling. Forgetting how poorly the analogy was done, someone who would seriously consider volunteer work comparable to a silly little comic probably doesn’t have the IQ to even breathe by themselves, let alone read.

  33. Actually, Ananth hasn’t mentioned anything on the website about him being busy, and he is quite happily working on his other comic.

    Hawk made a blog post back around Thanksgiving stating that he would continue updating sporadically the main comic and regularly AGL.

    The stuff isn’t all free, as they still have merchandise for sale across the internet.

    I’m sorry, but your post fails on the point it completely ignores that both of them are doing other comics and said that updates would continue in some form. If you can’t really understand that there are a lot of fans who are annoyed by being lied to, well, you’re an idiot.

    Take a look at Fred Gallagher and his problems, and he still manages not only to update, if rarely, but also communicate with his fans. Hawk and Ananth have a responsibility to their fans, that’s part of the job they signed up for by making this comic. *shrugs* So what if some of us actually expect them to hold to their word? We are bad, bad people for it, I guess.

  34. Goodness me that burns. You’ve caught me, I’m indeed an invalid, unable to plumb the rather shallow depths of my brain for basic unconscious functions. Well played though; nothing puts a lad in his place like a resounding, “ur analogy wus dum, but also, ur analogy wus sooooo dum”

    It’s not like I was there out of medical necessity. I mostly played board games and helped them eat. Normally by eating the pudding cup.

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