Tomorrow I’m heading back to DC to get the rest of my things. After spending a week in LA, in my new apartment, I have a good sense of what I should bring back with me. The apartment does not have Internet yet, so that is why I haven’t been able to upload any of the comics. The comics are done, but I just haven’t uploaded it yet. Oh yeah, also been busy working at my new office, which I really love.

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Comment by Xanthiss
2010-11-08 00:27:59

Yay….New OFFICE!!!!

Comment by RedNBlood
2010-11-08 00:45:19

how cool. =] Show us pictures of your new place lol. Also yay for the comics being ready.

Comment by Robert V Aldrich
2010-11-08 09:22:28

I hope LA’s good to you.

Comment by Musicpowered
2010-11-08 12:02:07

yay! post pics!

Comment by Razor
2010-11-08 12:35:33

Moving is a pain, but best of luck for a smooth transition. =)

Comment by WestCoastWizard
2010-11-09 00:10:40


Wish you all the best in your new job & new city. I just wanted to thank you for so many years of wonderful comics. I look forward to every new Applegeeks & AG Lite. Maybe your new life will allow for the continuation of AG, maybe it won’t, but hey… That’s the way life is. Thanks again, and best of luck!

Comment by Polarbehr
2010-11-09 07:39:18

Yeah Congrats!!! Wish you all the best out in the west! ^^ Can’t wait to see some pics.

Comment by Jon
2010-11-09 09:38:40

Glad you like the new frontier.

Comment by Chris Giddings
2010-11-10 08:12:30

The 1/3/4am AGLit is so so so true!

Comment by PaleBlue
2010-11-10 09:08:26

All this AGLite says is that you need to secure the status of big spoon for yourself…

Comment by Nick
2010-11-10 13:00:55

Yay! Doing a job that you love makes it more than a job! Congrats! Did you hear us complaining about AG Lite not being updated? We all knew what’s going on!

Comment by Levi
2010-11-17 14:02:16

Good luck there Hawk and godspeed and sleck shlome (I dont know how to spell it). Hope all goes well.

Comment by Lax
2010-11-17 18:39:05

So when are the updates picking up again?


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