Growing up

Last Friday afternoon, I tweeted something on twitter that surprised everyone. If you follow my tweets, then you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, well, you better grab some popcorn. This will also explain why there has been a lack of updates on the big comic as well.

For those of you in the know I work full time in Washington D.C as a graphic artist/developer for a small design studio. The work is mostly for the web, which I don’t mind since I have been doing web work since I was 15 years old. I’ve also have been working on Applegeeks since February of 2003. So for a while, I have been going to my full time job and then coming home to work on the comics.

Then around the end of 2009, I was offered to do some freelance work. The offer was to design a maquette from Joss Weadon’s Serenity/Firefly series. Now let me tell you, being a browncoat fan, that is something you do not turn down.

If you’re wondering, the company that contacted me is called Quantum Mechanix. They specialize in building replicas from movies and shows. They are professionals at what they do and very passionate about their work. Since then, I have been working for them as a freelancer.

A couple weeks ago, Big River Tam, maquette was released. Soon, Little River Tam and Little Wash will follow. Happily, it doesn’t stop there. I have been assigned to work on J.J Abram’s Star Trek movie maquettes and BBC’s Dr Who maquettes. The list goes on from there. Sadly the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prohibits me from saying anything beyond that (but hey, that’s the fun of surprises right?).

Now you can imagine what the hours of my evenings went too. I was working daily in DC and coming home to work on my freelance projects. I thought I would be able to get the comic done as well but I realized I was overextending myself. Regardless of the work hours, I still wanted to keep Applegeeks going. My goals for my work (both personal and professional) have always hinged on enjoying what I do, and I believe this enriches the final product.

Summarily, working for QMx in the evening wasn’t cutting it anymore. Considering the amount of work that was coming in, it was impossible to do it in the time I was alloted after my day job. That is when I was given another opportunity and eagerly accepted it.

Soon I will be starting a new chapter in my life as a Senior Illustrator and will be working at QMx’s headquarters in Los Angeles. As you may know I was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Maryland but now I’m leaving the east to head west. Though I will miss the support and company of my family, I feel this is a right move for me.

Los Angeles is where my skills are taking me and I need to try it out. I am excited about the work I’m about to do over there and very pumped about sharing it with everyone when I can. I guarantee it will blow your mind.

Now you may be wondering as to the fate of Applegeeks. I still would like to finish drawing the current story arc. But due to my new obligations that might take some time. Once I’m settled in LA, I might gain some time in the evening again. All I ask from you is to hang in there and know the story will finish. Your loyalty is humbling and I will do my best to reward you all as fans and give the comic the ending it deserves. As for AG lites, they will continue update as normal. I know the lites have been getting mixed reviews lately. I’m cool with that and I completely understand, but as of right now that’s the extent of work my free time will allow.

I believe I covered everything. I would like to thank everyone who stood beside us over the years and I would like to thank everyone who supported me after the announcement last friday.

To the long time fans or to those who just stumbled in, I hope you stay tuned. Since I truly enjoy what I do, I definitely aim not to disappoint.

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  1. Good luck in your adventures in L.A. Hope you found a place where the smog doesn’t cake your throat.

    (It coated mine when I visited several years ago.)

  2. Hawk I think its absolutely amazing that you’ve been give this chance. I’ve been a fan of this comic, and all the rest of your and Ananth’s works for a long time. If Applegeeks has to end, I’m glad its because you’ve found something that you like doing. Congrats again.
    Oh and I have a new goal–purchase that order exclusive Serenity replica.

  3. Congratulations are in order, even if you got more than 100 already, there is never enough.

    You have always given us fans your best quality work and I am glad someone with a big wallet finally noticed your talent. A big slap behind the head had you passed this offer.

    As for the continuity of AppleGeeks, I have 2 comments:
    1- Thanks for offering to conclude the current story arc. So many webcomics just stop because the creators go on to other things and we never hear about it again (don’t start me on Ding!). Some are kind enough to explain why they are stopping (good luck Xero!). You are offering us the greatest gift by concluding your story arc before quitting. And since you have announced it before quitting, you know there will be anticipation and great expectations for the finale. We want nothing but the best, but knowing you, we should expect no less. I know you (and Ananth) won’t throw away so many years of your hard work by giving us a cliché ending like “HAWK DIES – THE END” or “THAT WAS JUST A DREAM”…

    2- What about “auditioning” a new creative team to continue the adventures after you? It has been known to work (see the Least I Could Do series, they changed the artist and it still works). I know the main character is “Hawk”, but a new direction for the new team could be to further the adventures of Eve, with an occasional cameo by Hawk and friends.

    So congratulations again, and come back when you can, I know I’m not going anywhere ;)

  4. Congrats on everything Hawk.

    As someone already in LA, maybe with other locals we could organize a “Welcome to LA, Hawk! It only kind of sucks!” party..?

  5. Tough for AG, but full of realworld awesome. Well, ‘ecept for the LA part, I’m kind of an SF loyalist… (what ever THAT means, coming from NYC ) But QMx has to be someplace. And near Hollywood does make sense, dang them.

    Good to hear you plan to finish the story arc, but in it’s time, when you actually HAVE time. And I should be working too, instead of commenting on webcomics’ blogs.

    Carry on! Banzai!!!

  6. So, I just read this after wondering where Apple Geeks had gone for the past year. Better late than never, right? I’m sad to see the comic not around anymore, but it sounds like you have a kick ass opportunity. Best of luck, and we’ll be here waiting when you decide to come back!

  7. I miss seeing this comic updated. I started to read this during my late high school years and have always enjoyed the sense of humor and the stories that have been given visual form. I keep on coming back periodically with the hopes to see the final uploads for this last story arc. I know that work can take a huge precedence in life outside the web. I do hope that you can find the free time to come back to finish this up one day. Will be waiting! Macs rule!

  8. I stopped reading this comic for a about a year or so. When I rediscovered it I got excited, expecting to see a bunch of updates from when I last saw it, but… alas, it was the exact update since I last signed up. I hope you guys are able to bring this back as I really did love the story, but, as someone who has gone on to have a family and massive amounts of work as well, I do understand why this may have died off.
    Thanks for the comics we did get!

  9. Four years and counting, still on my “occasionally check” web comic list. Started reading this on a deployment to Iraq, finished up around the time we were headed to Afghanistan for the second time.

    I don’t demand, I’m just keeping an eye out once a month for anything new. If someone else takes over, I’ll read that as well. Thanks for almost a decade of entertainment, sir.

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