Listen up!

Anyone who has had a problem with the recent update schedule needs to go read Hawk’s latest blogpost. What he’s said about himself goes for me as well – I’ve got a lot of new stuff going on professionally, and can’t really talk about it. Applegeeks is NOT our full-time job, and frankly it doesn’t pay the bills. It is and always has been a hobby and side project, and this is one of those times where our spare time is less available to us. This isn’t us being angry – it’s just a friendly reminder.

For the 99% silent majority of people who understand just fine – thanks! We appreciate it. Now let’s all get back to work. ;)

36 thoughts on “Listen up!”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work keeping us in interesting stories to read.
    Anyone who demands you deliver something you do for FREE and for FUN in your spare time to their own schedule needs to step back and really think about what THEY are contributing to society, other than being an intolerable jerk.

    I love Applegeeks, and have huge respect for you guys. So thanks again!

  2. ananth, I appreciate yours and hawk’s hard work, take your time I for one am enjoying the AG lites quite a bit ;]

  3. I read Megatokyo, which hasn’t updated on a proper M-W-F schedule in awhile, and Kagerou, which takes unannounced hiatuses of several months, so I didn’t even notice anything wrong!

  4. Love you guys! Thanks for the free updates and sorry asshats on the internet demand more awesome than is possible. Sometimes we forget you’re human :P

  5. I enjoy the AG Lites, and come more for them then the big comic’s to be honest. They are a bright spot for me several times a week.

  6. No rage, just sadface, but I do have both books so I can read the old comics again! I hope your current projects are going well and look forward to the new page whenever it gets up. And I do like the AG-Lites. It’s like a never ending appetizer until the big comics update regularly again!

  7. Don’t worry we love the work you guys do so im sure we can wait awhile for another cool comic =3 I got both books too and im from Australia, they so cool with the little comments at the bottom.
    we aren’t silent but we understand <3

  8. You Guys are awesome, take your time… we can wait for something you guys do for free. You’ll hear no complaints from me!! Keep It UP!!!:)

  9. I wanted to tell you the same thing I said to Hawk…

    As a reader since 2003, I have always appreciated the comic. No matter what update schedule you choose to follow now, I will still think highly of AppleGeeks because of all of happiness that you have given me over the years. Thank you.

  10. Hee hee! You have enough comments of praise to know that you guys are teh uber. I’d rather have quality than quality here – and whatever is going on with you guys, I hope it’s all good stuff!!

  11. I get what you guys are saying i write & draw my own comic & have been doing the exact same thing having the same problem. Ive pretty much given up on my big comics schedule in general at this point. Just here to say im glad im not alone!

  12. I totally get it. I’ve been following you guys since comic 36. I always got that this was a hobby. These people complaining are the same morons who bitch on all the other web comics who’s lives “get in the way.” No matter what happens, I’m a fan.

  13. AG, both regular and Lite, have been awesome and I greatly appreciate you guys for putting out both of them.

  14. Ananth totally unrelated question are you guys ever doing another release of mutagenics gear. Next month i need to get new shirts and would love some new designs :).

  15. Hi Hawk and Ananth,

    I totally understand your decision to dedicate your time to other things. That makes complete sense and I wish you both the best in life and career!

    What might be helpful is to post something on the AppleGeeks front page that states the main comic does not update consistently at this time. That way, your decision is obvious and visible. Many fans (like me) may not read these sorts of blog posts or even the text down below all the time. While I’ve noticed the less frequent updates (and didn’t mind near as much as some obviously are because I -get- it), I actually didn’t know the reason until I happened to read Ananth’s post today. I think the source of most people’s agitation likely stems from their lack of being in the loop versus their lack of understanding.

    Just my two cents! :) Good luck!

  16. Good luck with all of your work projects and personal life guys!

    Never a problem if RL takes up more time than what allows for your hobbies–as you, said 99% of us understand that all too well. Thanks as always for sharing your comics and creativity with us!

  17. Hey, it’s cool. You’ve got roofs and food and stray squirrels and motorized skateboards, or whatever you use to travel, and massive Internet bills to pay for. Those come first (especially the Internet — food, there’s always ramen). Do what you need to do.

    I get away with putting all my time on my comic because I’m disabled and I don’t have to make money off it right now. Maybe someday I will, but not yet. Now, it’s just something I do for the love of it, and I update regularly because I can. If something happened and I couldn’t, well, I’d hate the necessity, because I love doing my comic, but I’d have to shrug and say oh, well.

    You guys do what you need to do, and what you can do, and don’t worry.

  18. Thank you for the post, I was currious as to what was happening with this. I will file this away with MacHall, and VGcats. It was quite good for a period. I always wondered what was going to happen with the Hawk breaking out of the lab and being persued by some company but it never came to fruition. Thank you for your hard work it has helped many people in varrious ways. May the force be with you.

  19. What about Ananth? There has been less said about his path, so I am just curious. I hope it is all good news around for the AG team.

  20. I was okay with it, considering this isn’t your or Hawk’s main source of income, just curious is all.

  21. What is interesting is all the web comics I read are undergoing scheduling changes…
    MegaTokyo (oh wait… not really all that different :-P).
    … MacHall isn’t up anymore.

    My current hypothesis is that it’s coinidence, but with a higher likelihood of webcomics slowing down due to economy and the fact that people are getting older. But then if XKCD and Sandraandwoo go on hiatus… then that is proof there is a god… and he doesn’t like me :-P

  22. I think that you guys should call it a day. You’ve done a great job with the comic, and the constant work put into it over the years has helped you both improve in your respective crafts.

    Do you really need the additonal stress of AG in your lives at this moment in time. Maybe AG needs to take a sabatical while you both focus on the stuff that pays the bills and life outside of work?

  23. As I commented to Hawk on his post… we’re still diggin’ it. It’s got to be fun or it’s not worth doing. Life does have this relentless way of … like… happening.

    Carry on!

  24. Heck If I can wait for VGCats to update I can wait for you guys. Good luck on your endeavors and such. Godspeed.

  25. Hope you guys are successful in whatever you are doing professionally. I think we all are waiting for when you guys have time again to post a new comic. Miss you guys.

  26. I’m pretty sure that everyone understands that you guys have lives. Is there a list that I can get on to be notified when AG goes back online?

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