Hey guys, do me a favor. Chill.

1. This isn’t full time gig for me.
2. My life is changing.
3. I’m not ready to talk about what is happening.
4. I AM updating, it’s called Applegeeks Lite. There is a reason why it’s on top of the site.

I’m juggling a lot of things right now and for a while I have been focusing on specific things. Which as a result taking me away from other things.

98 thoughts on “Guys,Chill”

  1. I will personally stop reading altogether. AG Lite is not an engaging enough filler strip to make it worth loading up in the AM. It hasn’t so much as evoked a snicker from me in a very very long time.

    The entire Applegeeks saga should have been killed off a long time ago when Comic-Hawk went to Tokyo to look for Eve. it should have ended right there. There has been little substance ever since.

    Whatever you guys are working on so fervently i hope it’s of the same caliber as your work from years past as that was the prime time for Applegeeks. Good luck on your endeavor.

  2. Wow, people are seriously bitching about your update schedule? Hah. They apparently never read Boxer Hockey or Abian or GWtBW…

    Ignore the pricks and prats. You’ll get new pages up when you get new pages up, no harm no foul. Keep up the good work y’all, your stuff is awesome.

  3. Hey, you post more frequently then VG Cats, so that’s a huge win. Ha ha. But seriously, I’m happy with anything you guys do, that’s why I started coming here. So until the site goes down, I’ll always check for updates because not only are the stories great, but the artwork is simply stunning. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Don’t worry, I know life changes and that your still doing your thing, I’m pretty sure most of us understand that and appreciate all that you’re doing!! Keep it up!

  5. As a reader since 2003, I have always appreciated the comic. No matter what update schedule you choose to follow now, I will still think highly of AppleGeeks because of all of happiness that you have given me over the years. Thank you.

  6. honestly i’m pleasantly surprised when i see a new large update :) . life gets in the way and even should a schedule not be followed it’ll get here. i mean honestly we’ve all got time (evident by our sincere devotion to following this webcomic!)

  7. I agree with @tayker, who made a comment at the beginning. You should totally take your time while looking for a balance. However, I still am highly appreciative of the work you still do and accept your new schedule due to the lack of time. I can relate and want you to do what is in your best interest. However, I must confess that this post made me feel a lot better. Before I was completely in the dark as to the reason of the lack of updates, but now that you are no longer mum about it and I have this very good reason, I’m a lot more accepting of it. Hope you can find more time to update AG, but if you can’t, what’s going on now is fine too!

  8. Well sort of got my own opinion on the matter.

    You have quite a large fan-base and followers. Most of which have followed you since the beginning of this comic. A large majority has even supported you when you needed extra money to buy a tablet to draw faster and more efficient with. Some of which are still buying merchandise and books of the comic.

    I respect the fact that your life is changing and that it gets busier everyday. But what Tayker says about a little bit of professionalism is true. It doesn’t matter if a service someone is providing is free or not. When someone makes a promise to people that he is going to deliver service on that and that time, people expect that service around those times. If this service is entertainment like you are providing or public transport where it is free in certain countries it doesn’t matter.

    I recently was in a country where public transport was free for certain areas of the city. If the train or bus didn’t arrive on time, hell yeah I would bitch about it. It is a service I am relying on and I would like that service to be provided to me properly. I would rather be told that the bus would only be there twice a day, than wait like a fool for hours for a bus that won’t be arriving any time soon.

    The same applies for the comic. If you can’t keep up with the update schedule, change it or put the big comic on a temporal break. And saying that you don’t own us anything is just a big blow to some fans who have followed you for quite a while and have supported this site and this comic financially when you needed it. It is the easy way out argument.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to attack you or flame you. I am just trying to give my opinion on the matter. Look I do agree on the matter that this is a hobby for you and should be treated as such by you. But what I don’t agree on is the opinion that because it is free you guys don’t own us anything. It shows unprofessionalism and it is basically a nice way of saying f* you.

    On another note, I do hope that you’re doing fine and that your professional life is going in the direction you hoped for. I wish you good luck and lot of succes in your future.

  9. My only real concern was that you guys were ok.

    Art doesn’t come on a schedule. People that don’t get that need to get a life and quit stepping on yours. You are better off without them.

    “Professionalism” refers to the reality that happens when you are deriving your livelihood from something. Since you have clearly noted that this is not your primary occupation, any argument from “professionalism” isn’t worth the electrons they used to transmit their vitriol.

    Webcomic updates happen when they happen. If the story and art is good enough it is always worth the wait: It’s all about the antici-


  10. Your user-handle is remarkably apt. The Applegeeks loyalists definitelly appreciate you announcing your deparure, however. We’re glad to have the boards vacated of one less selfish voice.

  11. Saber,

    I think you put your thoughts on this matter quite well (and respectfully I might add). I tend to agree with you. When the large comic went to a Monday only update, I completely understood. I was a little sad about it, because I love this comic, but as a creative myself I understood this was a side project.

    However, as I creative, I am hired to work on deadlines and while the content provided here is free, it still represents something of value to both the artist and the consumer.

    Hawk, your skills are AMAZING and I don’t doubt you would have had many successes in your life without AG. However, as a consumer of your content I would say it is a safe assumption that the success of your webcomic has opened many doors. Those doors would not have opened for you if you would not have delivered a consistent product on a consistent schedule because it would have been hard to hold readers.

    Those are just a couple thoughts, I certainly hope that I won’t be savaged for my take on this issue, but if it happens then I am willing to accept that. I wish you both the best and while I sometimes grow impatient, I will continue to visit back looking for updates.

    Best Regards,

  12. Well DUH! of course you’re busy with something else. What do people think you’re doing? just standing around?

    At least you throw an AG Lite up every now and again instead of halting your activity entirely like MOST webcomics. Anyone who doesn’t realize you’re doing the most you can as best as you can is just stupid. Don’t mind ’em!

  13. The thing that I don’t understand is that why are there so many people bitching about the updates, get a life. Most of us are busy working or doing some other thing that takes most of our time. This is a free web service so quit complaining about it. What these guys do is for the fun of it. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of the series which I love including Lite. The Applegeeks staff have been doing their best all this time and have never let us down even if the updates take a while. I support them all the way and await their next update whenever it may come……

  14. That service is NOT free. Public transportation that’s “free” is supported by tax payers, gov’t, etc.
    We do not pay taxes for Applegeeks and it is not a service. It’s a hobby. Just because I update a blog on a blog site and have readers does not mean that it is my obligation to update it for the readers.

    No where on here did I read that Hawk and Ananth owed us. Like they said, they do update. They still make appearances for their fans, talk to their readers… but there are priorities that they must meet for themselves.

    My two cents, not at all bashing, you make a valid argument but it’s been several years and they put a lot of work and effort into doing this not for us, but for themselves. We just happened to come along for the ride.

  15. you haven’t been updating the site? WOW. i’m happy. I thought my computer was wigging out on me. lol.

    yea. take as much time as you need. I’m alot better now that i know my comp. isn’t broken. lol

  16. Hawk: Keep up the great work, I hope things go well for you. Thanks again for the AG Light Strips!

    To those complaining about update schedules.

    1) The quickest way to push someone away from something they enjoy is to complain about it. When things turn into more of a hassle than an outlet for creativity or just general enjoyment.

    2) There have been a few comics where the demands from the fans was part of the reason that they faded away. Time spent responding to fans was time away from the comic. (That is if I recall from their posts. cite: Matt& Ian ~ Mac Hall).

    3) There are also times where they need to step back and take a little break, because you can’t always force creativity. (cite: JB ~ Catharsis Comic).

    4) This is not a situation where the creators put out an offer to update on a more regular basis if a certain condition was met as others have done (cite: Randy ~ Something Positive)

    If you are complaining about updates try for 30 days to come up with something creative every day.
    Take a moment and honestly ask yourself could you continue that for 1260 strips? (main comic 576+ light 684 =1260).

    Also when you factor that in, don’t forget that every convention you handle over the years requires prep, and hard work, for a weekend of work, so that you can go back to work.

    I apologize if I seem a bit harsh, I just don’t want this to end up as some of my other favorites have ended… with a cliffhanger (Troy ~ Scandal Sheet) or fading away (JB ~ Catharsis).

  17. Well said. Given the sheer number comics Hawk and Ananth have written for a “side project”. One would have thought they would have taken a break sooner.

  18. I really like your comic, and I’m grateful for the amount of time that you have been spending on it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope that whatever is going on in your personal lives turns out well.

  19. i have been a fan for years and this is one of the biggest gaps i have experienced. it speaks to the intensity of the situation. i wish you the best of luck. my motto is “it could always be worse” i hope issues will get better.

  20. You tell ‘im, Steve-Dave!

    Seriously, you guys rock. Take your time and keep it awesome.

    Hrmm, perhaps a compromise with the haters. Since the comic has been interrupted, I am sure that you will send us refunds for all the money we spent to read your webcomic over the years, right?

    RIGHT????? :)

  21. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing! As a representative of the Silent Majority, I understand that bills will always come first. As long as you continue to bring the Quality, then the Quantity is just a matter of nitpicking.

    Good luck with your current projects and all things life-related. No matter what the future holds, we’ll keep minding the lighthouse for you guys.

    Laughing all the way . . .


  22. Hawk, Ananth, just wanted to repeat here what my coworker and I say all the time to each other: “Can’t fix stupid.”

    Certainly keep talking to us, we love to hear what you got to say, but at the end of the day, you just got to remember that some people are like that, and we’re not here to work around, or for, their entitlement and respect issues.

    If you look at the website, sure it says there’s an update schedule. However, if you listen to the creators, in their blogs and forum posts, you see exactly what kind of update schedule they have: casual. Maybe the listed update schedule is their goal, an ideal of a perfect world. I for one don’t want Hawk and Ananth to give up that goal, if it is at all achievable, in the hopes that after this and that life issue passes, we the masses shall be entertained (at Hawk and Ananth’s pleasure) some more. I would absolutely love to treat the current sporadic update schedule as something temporary rather than crushing a dream for later because it’s not feasible now.

    To all the people who feel entitlement to the comic because they have, at one point or another, contributed monetarily to the authors, realize this: ‘donations’ are freely given, without expectation – maybe you’re thinking about ‘comission’; buying merchandise has its own reward without expecting additional work done on the part of the authors.

    Hawk, Ananth: be encouraged. Please. You guys are all kinds of awesome.

    In closing: the wallpaper that my coworker currently uses might be worth taking to heart.

  23. Hawk, take your time. Personally, I’d rather have read a comic that is thought out and well done, as Applegeeks has always been, than see the quality drop because of Life Issues. And I never get tired of meditating on the last panel of Comic-Hawk’s screaming squirrel rage.

  24. Pssh, haters gonna hate :P

    (PS: I would be less sad about no updates if you would make the “Destiny” (cat attacks dinosaur) drawing in to a wallpaper so I can have something better to look at than the color-stretched version I’m using as a background now :D )

  25. I can’t understand how people are bitching about the slow updates. Really? You guys owe us nothing. Everyone should realize life gets in the way sometimes.
    Thanks for the many years of awesome comics and artwork. I’ll keep coming back until you tell me to go away.

  26. Hi Hawk and Ananth,

    I totally understand your decision to dedicate your time to other things. That makes complete sense and I wish you both the best in life and career!

    What might be helpful is to post something on the AppleGeeks front page that states the main comic does not update consistently at this time. That way, your decision is obvious and visible. Many fans (like me) may not read these sorts of blog posts or even the text down below all the time. While I’ve noticed the less frequent updates (and didn’t mind near as much as some obviously are because I -get- it), I actually didn’t know the reason until I happened to read Ananth’s post today. I think the source of most people’s agitation likely stems from their lack of being in the loop versus their lack of understanding.

    Just my two cents! :) Good luck!

  27. Good luck in all your endeavors guys. Thanks for the years of dedication to the comic.

    Really love the comic (been reading since the beginning), love the books. Again as many have said before keep doing what you love, and ignore the id10ts.

  28. YOU need to chill! Just don’t pay attention to the whiners. Real life has to come first. Anyways go get your shit together and when you’re cool then you can come back to the comics. Best of luck!

  29. Relax. I’ve been a fan for years. Things happen, and life needs to take priority. My only request is that you guys get it up and running again at some point… The piece of work that is this comic, as silly and enjoyable as it is is something I would be very sad to never see completed. I have seen too many good stories, poems, and pieces of art go unfinished because the artist or team of artists got burnt out…. Please don’t let that happen to you guys. Just cause the rest of us like the ocmic, doesn’t mean we care more about it than the people behind it. Keep yourselves healthy, do what you need. Come back to us when you can. :) We want to see it done, not done in.

  30. Just wanted to say hi to you guys,just wondering any future plans include coming to Australia by chance would be awesome to get together for coffee or something n_n

  31. I’ve got masses of friends here in the United Kingdom who love this comic as much as I do and they all agree that whatever is happening, your life and welfare comes first. Take your time and good luck. We’ll be waiting, no matter how long it takes :)

  32. “my motto is “it could always be worse””

    That used to be my motto… then things always got worse after I said it. Shhh.

    @Hawk and Ananth: Hope everything works out well. Ya’ll do a great job. This is hands down my favorite thing to check (tied right up there with Megatokyo and TGWTG, if that means anything =-) ). Thanks for the awesome comics, even with all the internet fanboy’s sense of entitlement driving you mad.

  33. Your life is changing? Yeah we get it dude. I’m just hoping the life-change involves less ramadan (I mean comic topic each year? duh.) Chill out as long as you need, I appreciate the light and your light style as well!

  34. What? LIFE? Gee, that NEVER happens. And NEVER to Webcomic artists. Hey Fred, hows FATHERHOOD going for ya?

    But seriously. I know how crazed things can get in a creative career. No worries, hang in there, and work on AG when you can and it feels good. If it’s not a job, it’s GOT to be fun.

    We’re still diggin’ it. Carry on.


  35. I don’t get why there are people surprised that a number of self-proclaimed “fans” would harass an author whose webcomic (or one of its stories) is on hiatus: there are enough millions IDIOTS (and flamers, but yeah, they’re idiots too) in the world to make it obvious a site with a long history will attract at least a few hundreds/thousands of them.

    Seriously, guys, there are much better ways to pass time than harassing the author. For example, there are too many quality webcomics for someone with a mildly active life to read them all. Go read something else, and come back when the story you want to read is active again. By then, there’s bound to be a couple other webcomics you read that are going on hiatus.

    And by the way, harassing someone is counterproductive when you are waiting for them to take some of their free time to do any class of artistic work (again, for free). If they’re already stressed out, stressing them out even more will only make them feel less and less like doing what you want.

    And last, two things to the authors: 1:relax as much as life allows. Even if some people (like me) seem to walk away, they’ll be back (at least me) as soon as they find out you’re at full throttle again (even at half or less)
    2:AGLite Rocks! It’s Hilarious!

  36. Well, sorry to hear that the main Applegeeks comic won’t be updating for a while but its understandable if you’re busy in real life. Hope you can start it up again soon.

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