Hey guys, do me a favor. Chill.

1. This isn’t full time gig for me.
2. My life is changing.
3. I’m not ready to talk about what is happening.
4. I AM updating, it’s called Applegeeks Lite. There is a reason why it’s on top of the site.

I’m juggling a lot of things right now and for a while I have been focusing on specific things. Which as a result taking me away from other things.

98 thoughts on “Guys,Chill”

  1. I second that! peeps need to chill out. besides, when I feel like an update I just start reading again from the beginning and that usually keeps me happy.

  2. Just some food for thought, not a complaint. We all have priorities, and I think most people can respect yours. Maybe AppleGeeks should change from a Monday, Wednesday, Friday update to maybe once a week. That way your priorities are freed up and people won’t feel let down when your awesome creative efforts don’t meet the deadlines you’ve set and that your fans expect.

    On the one hand, I think people need to stop bitching about things that are free because they sound unappreciative. Especially something non-essential like entertainment.

    On the other hand, people shouldn’t establish goals and then miss them frequently because that looks like they don’t care about their fans/customers, and all of the excuses start to sound shallow.

    Hope you find the balance you need.

  3. blasphemy “something non-essential like entertainment.” really? entertainment is my blood! now I understand that shit happens and peoples lives can change dramatically heck i used to be a writer then i joined the military and had to stop writing sketches for my friends comic. i just hope that your changes arent as drastic as mine believe me im kinda hating life right now.

  4. Take your time! Your comic lightens my day up here in Stockholm, Sweden, so if you need some slack you deserve it!

  5. I hadn’t noticed that anyone had been giving you a hard time about the updates, but I second the above: take your time. Your attention is needed elsewhere and we, your loyal fans and friends, understand that. Don’t rush, don’t break yourself to do what should be a fun outlet. Do your thing and when you find the time and inspiration to be back here, we’ll rejoice.

    Sorry some people have been bellyaching about the lack of the full-time comic. Please know there are others who don’t share their greed and impatience.

  6. I’ve been reading for a long time and have enjoyed any and all updates that have come through. I can’t believe that some people don’t understand that this is something fun that you do in your free time and that when you started the comic in your college years there was a lot more free time than there is now with you working two jobs (at least it seems like you are working two jobs so please correct me if I’m wrong about that). People just need to chill and enjoy the updates that do come. I miss the storyline comic too but that’s going to make it’s update (whenever you can get to it) that much better.

  7. Well you have all forgotten 1 thing, people b-ing means that the stuff done here by hawk and ananth is addictive. All you need now is someone saying they left home and joined the army because you missed the update.

    -Entertainment is more addictive than crack!-

    so from Estonia to all of you: Peace! Art is done by living and living is not done in front of the computer, sometimes you need to give space to the ones you love!

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  9. It’s funny how entitled people feel these days – these two have been providing a wonderfully drawn and written comic for years and added a SECOND zippy, more comedic short comic as well and a few weeks of some “missed” updates and people get up in arms?

    I agree with Robert above – i had no idea people were harassing you, i assumed a slightly smarter crowd came to this site, but oh well. i hope everyone gets the messsage.

    personally, just want to add i’ve been reading and following you guys for years – and am excited for you in your new ventures! i’m a loyal fan and will happily take whatever we get. i have decided however, to finally pony up and go buy the second book!

  10. Wait aren’t we in 2010? Are people still nagging the creaters of webcomics? Aren’t they still free? You do what you got to do and ignore the people that don’t respect you. Just because it’s anonymous, doesn’t mean people can disrespect people!

  11. Although I do miss the updates for the big comic as I would really like to know what will happen to Hawk in the past, the recent AG Lites have made more than up to it. Eve plus Big Kitty was just so adorable. Take your time. I’ll visit frequently.

  12. PREACH ON BROTHER HAWK! Don’t worry one bit man the true fans are patient and understanding. Sometimes I feel bad that i forget to check back for updates since i get busy too.

  13. Hey, Don’t get frustrated. I have been in your spot with my own side project. I walked away to focus on myself. Do what you have to do. Don’t worry about these bozos. Tell them if they need their daily fix to pick up your Applegeek books. On a side note, HAWK ANY PLANS ON SEEING A HAWK ART BOOK?

  14. @Alex – Agreed! Scott’s not even giving explanations, which means he’s just lazing around and not telling his fans. In any case, that’s for another discussion.

    Yeah, we would like to know what’s up. Just saying there will be “minor delays” may not be enough. You know we love your works, otherwise we wouldn’t be visiting the site every day :) We just want to know what’s up, that’s all

  15. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else out there that would like to see an update. Am I expecting them to drop everything in their personal and professional lives to do such, no. I mean, anyone with a shred of common sense can do exactly what most of us have done already… start from AG1 and read forward to the most recent comic.

    I mean to be blatantly honest, they owe us nothing in the like. The AGLite updates are something for us to come back to the site and keep a starved appetite somewhat fed.

    Realistically, they could tell us all to go bugger off and shut the site down. Would they? I can’t say they would and frankly would hope that never comes to fruition. So, in close, I hope that everyone of the impatient variety can take a Valium, chill out and wait.

    Hawk & Ananth, thank you both for the 7+ years of AG. Myself as well as others will be here when you both are able to put up the next full comic.

    Take your time and enjoy yourselves.

  16. There is no point in rushing things. Rushing to slap together an update only cheapens the story. I’d rather you guys take a break and come back once things have calmed down. So take your time. I’ll wait.

  17. Take your time.
    Much as I’d like to see more apple geeks, I don’t want it at a cost to you guys. I love what you have done so far, so much that you’ve become my favorite web comic, and I wouldn’t want you to burn out over deadlines.

  18. big time fan been reading your comic and ctrl alt and vg cats and least i could do. and i can understand what its like to have a hobby that a lot of people think is cool but you have limited time to do the hobby because of crap. life sucks and the best thing to do is take things one thing at a time. now if anyone is causing a problem just say this if you dont like what i am doing then either piss off or shut up a wait because bitching wont make me get it done faster. thank you for making a great comic and dont worry no matter what in life people always bitch at everything be it from free money to gettin laid, everyone wants more or on some kind of routine. i am sorry for the idiots its not deserved from a great comic as yours or anyone elses. take your time my friend. also your popular here in cal especially in the central area

  19. Dude, you’re an awesome artist who is actually EMPLOYED for being an awesome artist. Focus on your job and forget about people who are complaining about you not updating a side project. The fact that you even have a side project is impressive. You have other priorities, and that’s cool, because the other priorities actually pay you. I’d do the same, and so would anyone else. Don’t stress yourself. :)

  20. Love you guys! Thanks for the free updates and sorry asshats on the internet demand more awesome than is possible. Sometimes we forget you’re human :P

  21. I’m never EVER going to bitch at you about a lack of updates – it isn’t my place, and you’re entertaining me for free. Plus, you’re still updating AGLite.

    Everyone bugging poor Hawk here about updates needs to shove it – you’re not paying for updates, so STFU.

    Keep up the DAMN GOOD work, Hawk.

  22. Awesome artist indeed =[
    people who complain aren’t your fans ><" we are
    take your time and just tell us whenever your ready.

  23. Hawk, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
    This is your sandbox, we’re just guests here. Most of us love you and the work you do and understand that R/L takes precedence.
    Screw the haters!

  24. Love your artwork Hawk, what drew me to the comic in the first place, and any person that can’t wait a few days for a comic update that is always awesome isn’t worth worrying about.

    Keep up the good work guys, its an awesome comic, every page!!

  25. Dude, paying bills comes before entertaining me. I dig the work and the story, but it’s not that hard to check the site, see if there’s something new, and move on if there isn’t. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you guys.

  26. No rage, just sadface, but I do have both books so I can read the old comics again! I hope your current projects are going well and look forward to the new page whenever it gets up. And I do like the AG-Lites. It’s like a never ending appetizer until the big comics update regularly again!

  27. i agree. i love the applegeeks lite comics and i hear ya on not being a full time job. u have to pay the bills some way right?

  28. 32 comments (33 if you include this one) supporting you so far, Hawk, so just remember that most of your fans are supportive and caring, and that it is a very small minority that ruins it for the rest of us. We all love your work and hope you get done with what you have to with minimal stress. Or something like that. I’m not very good with words, but you get the point.

  29. Do what needs to be done. This day and time RSS feeds are a god sent. It keeps the f5 key form locking up. In a serious note work to pay the bills and keep the server running.

  30. Every update is a gift you both give us.
    BUT gifts aren’t required. They are only given when you can afford them!
    Hope life calms down for you and no worries!

  31. You know, I had a shortlived webcomic. Keeping up with a schedule is a bust, nevermind doing it for years.

  32. You’re both on your ways to bigger things – thank you so much for what you’ve given us so far on your SPARE time while you make the rest of your adult lives happen. We’re all riled and saddened by the lack of updates but it would be WAY out of place for anyone to complain, especially those who have never financially supported the comic in any way.

    I do agree with the note of professionalism on not missing deadlines, but this isn’t actually a job of any kind so the debt you both have to the comic is to yourselves, not to the readers.

    I’ve been a fan since ’03 and I’m proud of it. I’ve had the chance to watch the comic grow as I grew myself – from 14 to 21 is a long way. Even if we had to say goodbye to the comic for a while, I am more than happy to wait for you to find your balance in life, much as we all are in these troubled times.

    We love you guys!

  33. What!!! People been nagging you Hawk? I’m fine with how you’re doing things now, Lite feels allot more relaxed. It’s still nice to see a new main one every once in a while, but I read other webcomics too, so I’m in no rush. Just tell me who’s been annoying you, they shall taste of my blade >=3

  34. I keep my mouth shut about updates and such, but since someone else has brought it up, I’ll gladly give my opinion on it:
    I wish Applegeeks Lite would promptly go the way of the Buffalo if meant that the regular comic would start updating just once every two weeks.

    Just my feelings on it.

  35. Still maintaining my stance since my last comment… Now that that’s out of the way, I love the latest AGLite! But you forgot one thing: the other joy is that if you build an elaborate set-up, you are not only allowed, but encouraged- nay, required- to scare the bejeebus out of 8-12 year olds. Just like I used to, until a stroke forced my stepdad to stop building Halloween displays every year. *sniff* It was our favorite holiday EVER!

    If you plan on ever building your own display, just remember that homemade props are at least 10 times better than the mass produced crap. IE, think like Largo when building Halloween displays.

  36. I love your comic and have been a reader for years. Take your time and don’t work yourself too hard. The internet will still be here. Peace.

  37. as many others have said take your time. even if AppleGeeks lite wasnt updated, i’d still check back every day for updates.

    life can be unpredictable or unbearable and we all gotta roll with the punches. some people might not understand that but there are plenty of us that do.

    keep up the great work.

  38. Applegeeks was my first webcomic. Before I found this I did not even know there were webcomics. This comic lead me to more comics and from there it snowballed until my bookmarks were 99% webcomics.

    When I first found AG I was a few months into homeschooling in 7th grade and I was already hating every second of life. This comic, and the others it led me to, got me through a tough time by supplying me with laughs and with an escape.

    So, while I eagerly await each update and try to come back daily and check, I understand that real life gets in the way and is heaps more important.

    I just want to say thank you for making it in the first place and keeping me from going completely insane.

  39. I adore this comic but seriously, did people blow their heads over the no central updates. That’s stupid.
    I thank you for giving us Aglite.
    It’s so fun and cute. :D
    When the time comes for the main storyline, it will come…why get angry(?) Sheesh!

  40. Haters gonna hate, gators gonna gait.
    Just do your thing man, you have all the time in the world to draw a (free) comic. Thanks for years of teh awesome, and may there be many more!

  41. meh – I just keep checking. I realized a long time ago that this was a “side” gig for you two when I started reading.

    People can either move on or wait patiently like I do. At least I get my dose with AG-Lite – so thanks!

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