Otakuthon, August 13-15

Guys, we will be at Otakuthon in Montreal, Canada from August 13-15th! We’ll be doing two panels – an Applegeeks panel and a “Comics We’re Reading” panel that will be a conversation about comics American, Japanese and otherwise that we’re reading – and you’re more than welcome to chime in! Come say hey, we’re always happy to meetcha. :)

10 thoughts on “Otakuthon, August 13-15”

  1. I’ll be at Otakuthon. I’m so excited and I really want to see you guys. Will you be selling your books there? If so, I’ll definitely buy both and get them autographed :)

  2. Any chance of getting a recording (video/audio/text)? No chance of me getting to Otakuthon (from Australia) but would love to know what comics your reading!

  3. As Otakuthon staff and an avid Applegeeks reader, I must say I was very pleased to hear that you guys had signed on as guests ^_^

  4. Hey! We’re glad we could finally meet you and be at your panel. We had a lot of fun. Hope you were able to go to the addresses we gave you.

    For the etching for our MBP/zagg skins for our iPad, seriously, we could do it ourselves, you provide nice gfx everywhere on your site and we now have some awesome printed artwork, however, I am a stickler for properly paying the artists and owners, so I’ll patiently wait for your awesome artwork if you ever want to do it. If not, well, meh, the Evil company is doing great design and it’s not all that bad n3kk1d, even if there’s missing boobies. ;)

    Seriously, thanks for bearing with us, ravid fanboi and fangrrl.

  5. You guys rock. Also, in the Lar deSouza / Ryan Sohmer panel, that little RS:”Mac Nerds?” RandomDude:”AppleGeeks” RS:”Yeah, those guys! [Funny witty sarcastic remarks]” RandomDude:”yeah um the AppleGeeks guys are, like, HERE” moment was pure gold.

  6. Thank you for dropping by Montreal. Meeting you both was a real pleasure. I am glad to know you are back home safely. Feel free to come back. If you dint, we will find the time to make you taste some poutine!

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