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August 16, 2010
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I’m back from Montreal, Canada. I’ll start off by thanking Otakuthon for having us as honor guests for the weekend. I would also like to thank the Otakuthon’s staff for their hard work and making sure our stay was enjoyable. Not only was it our first time at the convention, it was our first time in Montreal as well.

It never occurred to me the people over there spoke French (shows how much I pay attention). I was cursing myself for the majority of the time for not paying attention in my French classes back when I was in college. Yeah, I took three semesters of French and I don’t remember a darn thing. However, the majority of the people spoke English as well, so that helped a lot. That definitely saved me from grabbing my crotch and doing the pee dance just to say, “Where is the bathroom?”

The overall convention was great. I’m always excited about meeting the readers and talking to them. So for those who came by to the table and panel.. thank you! If you came by and I wasn’t there, I apologize.

I also got a bit creative with our table sheet. This is what happens when you give me sharpies and a blank canvas.

Again, I had a great time and I would love to visit again. So let them know. ;)

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I got home late from Montreal. I also woke up late this morning. I’ll be posting a rant about the trip and will post AG Lite once I get the script.

August 11, 2010
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Yup, it’s that time again. A whole month of reflecting, appreciating and discipline. Here is a quick run down of how each day will be, if you’re wondering or interested.

I will wake up before sunrise to eat a meal. Either go back to sleep or get on the computer until it is time to head to work. I won’t be able to eat or drink after sunrise. I can eat again after sunset. The day ends with me going to the mosque for the last evening prayer and I come back home, which ends up being really late.

There you have it, pretty simple.

August 9, 2010
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Monday AG lite is up.

The big comic is getting done. Here is a little sneak peek.

August 4, 2010
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New AG Lite is up.

I’m starting to like the idea of Eve and a cat. They fit so well together.

August 2, 2010
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Guys, we will be at Otakuthon in Montreal, Canada from August 13-15th! We’ll be doing two panels – an Applegeeks panel and a “Comics We’re Reading” panel that will be a conversation about comics American, Japanese and otherwise that we’re reading – and you’re more than welcome to chime in! Come say hey, we’re always happy to meetcha. :)

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Monday’s AG Lite was written by me. Even though I’m a bunny person, I see Eve as a cat person.