8 thoughts on “Follow-up to AG Lite 638”

  1. As far as I heard, the success rate of this so called “octopus oracle” was somewhere around 20% before. Could be I heard wrong, but it definitely wasn’t due to the octopus that they lost. ;)
    And on the bright side, we’ll finally have a new country winning the world cup. Kinda more leaning towards the Netherlands myself.

  2. Awww…it’s not the octopus’s fault! Clearly it’s the South African’s and their accursed vuvuzelas that are to blame! Let us grill and eat them!

  3. You forgot the State Sanctuary from the Spanish President! (or Prime Minister whichever…)

  4. boobs still looking peanuts under a shirt held together with duct tape.

    its been a year since i checked this site?

  5. it was ironic, during the game i texted my friend (who was rooting for Germany) saying that the octopus predicted Spain would win. 2 minutes later Spain scored. then she texted me back extremely angry and wanted octopus sushi…..

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