Happy Father’s Day!

Children’s Day is on November 14th in India, which is also Jawarharlal Nehru’s birthday. Nehru was the first prime minister of India, and his adoration of children was renowned. My grandmother on my mother’s side always jokes about it. “I don’t know why we have a Children’s Day … every day is children’s day.” I’d like to think that a good father helps make it so.

I know everyone makes a lot of noise about manufactured holidays like Valentine’s Day etc., but it’s good that we have a Father’s Day. Hell, we ought to make it a week. Thanks for all your hard work Dad! My life is richer for it.

5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. I think I’ll always remember the story you shared with us about the time you and your brother were little and managed to lock your parents out of the apartment and your dad had to climb the fire escape to get in.

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