Happy Birthday Hawk!

Happy birthday man! At 16 you get to drive a car, at 21 you get to buy booze, and at 28 you get to get to have an extra big cake to fit all those candles. And when the cake’s that big, you can also hide a lady inside.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hawk!”

  1. Tell him his birthday cake presents a fire hazard at that age.

    Or that lighting that many candles will severely limit the oxygen supply in the room.

  2. Fact: candles shaped like numbers were invented for when cakes need to get bigger to even fit all the candles if you do it the normal way.
    They also make it a lot easier to blow out all the candles in one breath, as is customary.

    Was there really a lady in the cake though? That must’ve been awkward when cutting it up…

    In any case: a bit late to wish him a happy birthday, so I’ll just hope he had a good one ;)

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