45 thoughts on “Growing Up”

  1. Happy b-day man! It’s my b-day Friday, so it’s doubles this week!

    …You know, with your coloring…you kinda look like Lar DeSouza.

  2. You’re only as old as you feel. I turned 33 last month and I feel 10 years younger. I may not look the part but at least I’m happy.

    Enjoy your birthday.

  3. Cheer up. No matter how old you get, you will NEVER be as old as the Universe itself. Unless you count how far back your matter dates, in which case you are REALLY old. But you’d have to be a nerd to care about that.

  4. Happy birthday. Best of wishes for the year to come.
    And that mock up makes you kinda look like Lar from Least I Could Do, but with less beard.

  5. You’re only as old as the woman you feel ;) :P (and if that doesn’t get me accused of being a pervert, probably nothing will).

    Happy birthday, Hawk.

  6. My GOODNESS! You HAVE HAIR!!! Sorry…I…I just seem to only see you with a headband on. How on earth can you say your aging anyway when you ACTUALLY don’t even have a bald spot?! You’ll know you hit the mark when you have to join the hair club for men.

  7. Maybe you’re not old. Maybe your hair is turning white because who have experienced great fear. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve been taken over by Parallax the yellow embodiment of fear.
    You should go to your local guardian of the universe and checked out, my man.

  8. To quote the card a young lady of my aquaintance gave me for my birthday:

    ‘Growing older is required… growing up is optional.’

  9. Dear Hawk,

    Heya. Sorry I missed the appointment. Was busy waxing ye oldie scythe. Don’t worry though. I’ll be in town next week.

  10. Hey Death, you don’t wax a scyth, you take it to a wetstone, and I know for a fact you are not the god of death. That title is specificaly held by Abyss, who I am a minion of and therefore reside in limbo with along with Oblivion, Tearahk, and the other reapers. No wait, are you that reaper who sits in the corner all day, dude your really creeping everyone out, that and you havn’t finished a mssion in what, 10 weeks. C’mon man, were trying to run a legitamit business here, we can’t have people slacking off. Although if you really want to be the one to get Hawk I think we can change your schedule around a bit, although it may take a couple years for the paperwork to get through, undead work really slow.

    Anyways, happy birthday Hawk, and those white lines make you look like Mr.Fantastic.

  11. Happy (belated) Birthday, Hawk! Hey, if you can photoshop in gray hair you can photoshop out wrinkles, age spots, etc ;)

    J/k. You’re only old if the songs you grew up with in high school are being offered on those compilation CDs. (which unfortunately means that I’m old) =P

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