LOST (again)

Like a sucker, I caught up on Season 5 of LOST and am watching 6 as it comes out. What a clusterfuck of a show! Which is not to say I’m not enjoying it – it’s nice to see answers forced out of a show that knows it’s coming to an end. I’m liking the flashback-asides, and wondering if and when they’ll tie into the chain of events taking place on the island … I could go either away.

The end of the fifth season was a huge sigh of relief – with the introduction of the two characters at the beginning of the season finale, the final underlying mystery of the show finally began to crystallize, and it’s really the only reason I’m watching the new season. At this point I’m comfortable saying I care very little for any of the characters (except Hurley, maybe) – they’ve been twisted and turned so much over the course of the show that I. Just. Don’t. Care. The only person who hasn’t really developed seems to be Kate, who as it turns out is just really irritating all the time.

Hmm, this was supposed to be balanced but I think I got derailed. Why am I watching this show again? I think it might be simply to see a payout on the investment of time I’ve put into it. Dang.

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  1. I agree with you on many of the points. The story arc is why I’m watching. The characters just happen to be a part of it. I stopped caring too much after Charlie. When — well — you know. I just gave up on getting attached :(

  2. Never could get into the show. It suffers a major ‘M. Night Shyamalan’ style of storytelling. Introducing twists is ok/good, but not in lieu of character/story development.

    That, and I’ve been banned from watching it around family and friends, since during the pilot episode, when Jack’s ‘dad ghost’ appeared on the island, I declared that the island would be inhabited by a tribe that either worshipped or served said ghosts, and once the ‘others’ appeared in the show, I get kicked out of the room when it’s on.

    Ah well. My only real question is why that black smoke (avoiding any recent spoilers) didn’t kill Eko the first time they met, but then did the second time. And I doubt they’ll ever give a legit answer.

  3. I think the main reason you’re watching Lost may be related to repressed self-loathing, resulting in a self-induced punishment. Watching NASCAR has the same result (for me), but works (ahem) faster…

  4. I think the one thing that had me laughing is when Sawyer said, “…and don’t follow me!” and my wife looked at me and i quote, “well, now Kate’s going to run in to the jungle after his dumb ass.” Kate became a really predictable character

  5. Lost is awesome. Great characters, great story, surprisingly coherent for the sheer amount of information they have to keep straight. Kate and Jack are irritating.

  6. Monster was more than likely trying to claim Eko, his confession would have been a sign of submission, but Eko refused, so the monster probably killed him because he realized he couldn’t use him any further.

  7. I believe the phrase you’re looking for is you’re “going down with the ship”. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

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