Snowmageddon Round 2

Today’s AG Lite is by me. The snow has returned and it has cancelled everything. I mean everything. This time around we’re getting hit with snow and very strong wind. So if you’re in the neighborhood, stay safe.

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  1. I’m torn between loving and being really jealous of the batman snowshovel, and recognizing that it would be really ineffective against Canadian snowfalls…

  2. Guh, on offense, but I’m glad that’s not happening here, I live in Oklahoma we can barely handle the very thought of snow let alone it’s actualization. Strongest winds on earth? No problem. Crystallized water hits the ground and everyone freaks.

  3. Welcome to every winter we’ve ever had, lol. Last weekend we got 60+ cm of snow and now we’re expecting to get the last part of the storm hitting you now, tomorrow, lovely.

    Btw, I’m from newfoundland, canada, so I always get the ends of all storms going up the east coast, could I borrow the batman shovel to ward them off?

  4. I never get why people are always surprised when it snows, it comes every year. But I guess for you boys in parts of the states this is a rare occurrence. Here in Canada (well in my part of Canada) we have had a mild winter. In the last few weeks we finally got a decent snow storm. Went snow shoeing for the first time too.

    Love the Batshovel and Cape in A.G. Light.

  5. I love the snow, but this is ridiculous. We’ve never had this much snow in my life! Let alone 3 larger snow storms in one season…>.<

  6. It turned into rain about halfway through, around here. The only thing we really have to shovel is what the snow plows pushed up into the driveway.

  7. The problem with DC is that it’s right on the edge of the sun belt and the snow belt – this is a REALLY weird winter. I did like what the WashPost was calling this one yesterday: Snoverkill.

  8. I blame El Nino! (seriously)

    I’m a meteorologist (in training), and conditions this winter are very typical of a strong El Nino, which causes the subtropical jet stream to go on some major steroids. That’s why we’ve had so many storms across the southern half of the US. At least you East Coasters don’t have to evacuate or anything; People out in California have been getting tons of rain, and have to dodge house-flattening mudslides…

  9. I wish I had snow here….. All we have is sun and now the tulips are coming up in force…. that’s early even for here. The ironic part. I’m from Vancouver Canada. We’re hosting the WINTER Olympics in the warmest Jan/Feb on record. Yay for global warming.

  10. Crisp and sunny here in Southeast Louisiana! Come on down for a visit if you need to warm up.

    Also: Bat-shovel ftw

  11. I push snow for a living this winter here in Iowa, and I’ve even admitted I’m tired of the snow. I don’t remember where my driveway is, nor what the grass looks like. I love the Bat-shovel, but with as talented of an inventor as Hawk is, don’t you think he’d have a Bat inspired Snowblower?

  12. I’m in Chicago, but it’s pretty silly out here, too. What’s weird is we had a 4.3 magnitude quake IN CHICAGO last night on top of the storm. My MINI got wrecked in an accident but thankfully i’m fine. :( you stay safe too Hawk!

  13. I’m pretty shocked at the weather, as is everyone else here in DC. The big problem is that there’s pretty much no budget for large snowstorms, and we’ve already had one. There’s pretty much no salt or sand left, and the plow drivers and plows are in short supply.

  14. I am so jealous! There is next to no snow where I am and I live just north of Toronto by a few hours. Next to no snow in Canada is absurd! ABSURD!!! Of all the places to not get snow! I live right on the snow belt too! Every year, four feet of snow, minimum. Makes me want to cry. :(

  15. I think that this weather is pretty to look at but a pain in the backside to drive in. i feel sorry for the people in the northeast who are getting hit twice to three times as hard as we are in northern KY

  16. Having grown up in Chicago, living parts of Kansas, Missouri, several northeast states, and currently outside of Baltimore, I can only say: I hate snow.

    The problem isn’t snow storms, it’s the volume we’ve gotten in this area. The system in a place like Chicago or anywhere in the frozen hell known as Canadia is used to and prepared to deal with a massive snowdump, but in places like DC, Baltimore and SE PA, we can only deal with a few inches at a time, especially in the more mountainous areas. Locally, we had 3′ dumped on us in under 24 hours this weekend, and the sidestreets were nowhere near completely cleared. Last night and today, we got another 2-3′ (depending on where you are) and it’s drifting as high as 6′ in parking lots and against buildings, and that’s in spots that were completely clean yesterday!

    Some places, the snow’s over 10′ deep, which is hard to deal with in any urban area. God help me, but I never thought I’d miss Kansas.

  17. I’m a bit old but as far as I remember, this amount of snow was normal a few decades ago. This is a good example which proves that global warming is an incorrect name, because we have more energy in the system and it’s like a swing, you have more heat in one part and more cold in another and it swings between these two states faster and faster, making spring and fall shorter every year. (ps: the batshowel is epic, i just don’t know in which direction)

  18. I gotta say, I’m loving the fact that this much snow came in my senior year of high school, and that it gave us a 6 day weekend. We’ve got a little under 2 feet right now, and it feels like I’m shoveling rocks. Good thing i don’t have to go anywhere anytime soon.

  19. *sigh* here I sit in Maine, and I can see bare ground everywhere! Oh well, maybe we will get hit good with snow next month –> loves snow!

  20. My daughter was supposed to move from DC to a new apartment in Silver Spring on Saturday. She had to postpone…

  21. liked the comic, cool shovel! and awesome work. Grew up in the tundra of northern Ontario,and your snowbank reminded me of home, awesome!

  22. Best thing about the VA snow? 11 day weekend. More snow on Monday! 3-6 inches!
    I would use the bat shovel for the non snowpocolypse flurries that we usually get.

  23. Hah! So true!

    Of course, we DO get mostly ice in these parts – we just had our second 1-1.5″ glaze ice storm in two years over here.

    You know, when that near-foot of snow fell a couple weeks ago, I thought “Oh, lovely, what a pain”. Then Washington got three feet. And then I thought, “Well, a foot isn’t that bad!” :D

    Also, Hawk, where does one get a batman shovel? Too awesome!

  24. Hey, does anyone know how Hawk works with Photoshop?

    Does he work at 600 dpi? Resize things? .. It’d be cool to know how he does his comic work. =)

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