9 thoughts on “Clones”

  1. Did something similar, though not nearly as sophisticated, using Pano on the iPhone. As you’re taking pictures for the panoramic, have people move between the shots, and you can have them show up multiple times in the final stitched image.

    A few of us had fun with it last Spring Break. One image has a group shot of 11 people, even though there were only 6 of us camping out that week. Another has a shot of a guy throwing a football that he’s also catching.

    I like the results of your method a lot better though.

  2. I need a few clones. Too bad they’re only Photoshop! =)

    …but since the pictures are taken of each thing once…would that mean each would be pretty intelligent? Not like the copies of copies in ‘Multiplicity’. Something to ponder…(or not, LOL)

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