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January 27, 2010
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The iPad seems like a handy little device – the major complaints I hear tend to be about what a person specifically wanted out of the device. One of those big complaints is whether the iPad can double as the equivalent of a Cintiq – the thing to keep in mind is that that simply isn’t the market Apple is going for. Like the iPhone and the iPod before it, they’re going for the broadest possible demographic, and they’re aiming to create a general platform rather than a task-specific device like a Kindle or a Cintiq. It’s up to companies like Adobe to adapt to the device now that it’s on the market. That’s just how Apple rolls.

I will say one thing – comics are coming to the iPad! UNDOUBTEDLY. And this is really exciting. Comics have been gaining popularity for the last couple of years, especially because of Hollywood – it’s cool to read comics these days, partially because they’ve been brought to the mainstream with an appeal that eluded them in the past. The iPad is just another way to make comics more palatable for a larger audience, and unlike the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t force a comic to conform to a particular device. This makes it EASY. Someone definitely saw the iPad coming, and they’ve got all those publishers lined up and ready to go. Or – crossing my fingers – comics will be in the new iBook store! I can only hope comics find their digital home in a book store like they found their physical home in Barnes & Noble and Borders.

I hope someone can adapt the iPad to work as a Cintiq, because that would be amazing – and I’m willing to wait to see it happen. But in the meantime, exciting things are still afoot.

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Today’s Apple event will be covered by….

If you know any other websites that will be covering the event, please link to it in the comments.

January 21, 2010
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News from Twitter…

@QMxInsider: Want to officially welcome new QMx Designer @Hawkster, creator of the brilliant AppleGeeks Web Comic!

Quantum Mechanix brings the most beloved objects/characters from your favorite movies and TV series to life. I was brought on board as a designer. My first task is to bring River (FireFly) back, as a maquette (scale model). As a fellow FireFly fan, I’m really excited!

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Last year, I was selling a small book of my sketches at conventions. The same book is now available as an app for your iPhone. A 40-page book app showcasing sketches I have done over the years.


Originally in print for 10 dollars, but in digital form it is now 99 cents – so for those who can’t make it to conventions, it’s a real steal!

You can swipe through the pages or pick a sketch from a series of thumbnails. Direct link to the iTunes Store can be found here.

January 13, 2010
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Hey guys, I haven’t had the chance to work on the comic like I wanted. I’m actually working on a project that is taking up my evenings. As of right now, I can’t share anything but I can say it’s huge if things go well.

January 11, 2010
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The big comic will be up either tonight or tomorrow night. I was out most of yesterday with my family.

It is true. I am finally watching Avatar The Last Airbender. Yeah I know I’m late but I’m finally watching it right? So far I love it. The story just pulls you in, as it gets deeper. I’m currently half way through book 2.

I just love saying Yip Yip now.

January 8, 2010
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Hey guys! Recently, in what little spare time I get, I’ve been poking at Borderlands. It was a lot of fun till about Level 20, and then I suddenly got really bored. Did any of you experience that? I think I’d be way more into Borderlands if it were a persistent World of Warcraft style world where interaction with other people was a little more mandatory, or … something, to offset how repetitive it can get. Maybe it’s just not my kind of game …