12 thoughts on “Art on Plywood”

  1. As a woodworker, you should be careful using such thin plywood. Staining it, particularly with water based stains, will increase the chance it will warp or wind. Use a high-quality gap-less birch ply either 1/4″ or 1/2″ and build a frame around it to ensure it won’t warp.

    It’s beautiful work!

  2. Wow, omg it looks so awesome! i may just have to come and steal your brain so i can give art a try without it becoming the precise graphic representation of a paint covered spider having a stroke on a white piece of paper

  3. Acrylic works amazing on plywood, too, and you can get giant 2×4 ft. sheets from the scrap wood piles at your local hardware stores (I get mine for about $1 a pop). Once you start painting and drawing on it, you get addicted sooooo fasssssst.

    PS: About warping or winding, either build a frame like suggested or make an X on the back with gesso. It decreases the warping dramatically.

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