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Here is a video of an opening of a new Microsoft Store, which surprise surprise looks just like an Apple Store.

Images of Apple store…


Screenshot of Microsoft store from the video…


Look, I’m not here to start a Mac vs Windows debate. However, I am interested in hearing from Windows users about this new Microsoft store. Is this store even necessary?

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  1. I find it interesting, Hawk, that you claim you aren’t trying to stir up some sort of Mac/PC or Apple vs Microsoft thing, but you are intentionally putting up pictures showing supposed similarities between the two, seemingly trying to say “Look! Microsoft stole the Apple Store’s idea!”
    Similar? Perhaps, if vaguely. It’s not as if Apple Stores have a copyright on store layout.
    Necessary? Is any business really “necessary”?
    Profitable? Probably.

  2. Please read my post, I said i’m NOT LOOKING FOR A MAC VS WINDOWS debate which clearly means operating systems. If that wasn’t clear, then I am mistaken.

  3. Design-wise, it makes sense for a strictly computer store to look like a strictly computer store. This way the customers will feel more at ease and less confused in either place and will hopefully feel more comfortable spending more money.

  4. Indeed, our company has had to release a notice saying that snow leopard can’t be used yet due to incompatibilities with some of our network software, and yet are already supporting some individual win7 boxes after not supporting vista at all. Talk about a switch from previous releases!

    My personal experience with Windows 7 has been excellent so far. It nice to see feature changes made with some real usability logic. The new shortcuts are a dream for keyboard navigation lovers, something OSX still hasn’t quite gotten right (I use both a mac and pc).

  5. First off, I personally see a similarity to an Apple store but .. I don’t understand how they’re copying. They have rows of computers set up, racks with software to purchase, and a counter for advanced help. How else can you configure it? It’s like Best Buy vs. Circuit City or Walmart vs. Target, in terms of space usage. There’s no real difference.

    Secondly, .. being a primary Windows user, I see no point in a Windows store. When it comes to Windows, they’re so broad in terms of hardware and software that having one store to supply such things is just .. odd. Apple is very first-party based. They’re able to have a store because they showcase all their Apple-only computers and Apple-only products and Apple-only software. Windows? They’re incredibly third-party, to the point where having one location for “Windows” products is basically just .. the OS, XBox, and .. Zunes. Great line-up.

  6. No, there really is no point to those places…

    Aside from that, this is comic goldmine.
    You could do a strip where Hawk accidentally wander into one, thinking it was an Apple store. Then realises to his horror where he actually is.

  7. I’m going to say that the Win7 video driver model increases UI response about a million percent. I know the CPU isn’t getting a boost but man – it FEELS faster. No more waiting around for windows to open. Vista, OTOH, was horrible.
    While we’re talking about “me too” marketing: no-one commenting on the WinMo store here? Or did I miss that?

  8. Actually, 7 uses less ram and resources than vista. It’s about the same as a fully updated XP.

    My problem with it is that it seems to be doing odd things with my processor. Temps initially started off much lower than vista, but have quickly risen beyond what I had when i was running a fully bloated vista.

  9. from the point of view of a Microsoft user….. the store idea is silly realy I mean all Microsoft has done is OS and a few games thats it and needs other companys to build the hardwear so the OS can run on…. apple on the other hand dose a hole lot more from laptops to mobile phones and desktops

    well thats my thougts on this anyway

  10. To be honest, I avoid these Mac Vs. Windows debates because I’m normally a neutral user. If I had the money, I’d actually be running three different operating systems. But I digress. This store is necessary, but I don’t think a similar design will hurt credibility with anyone but existing Mac users. If anything, for non-Mac users that aren’t already owners of a Microsoft based machine, it’ll just seem like “Hey, it’s just as good as a Mac with a lower price tag.” It’s true that Microsoft produces only the OS while other companies produce the hardware, but considering that few normal consumers other than businesses will purchase the OS by itself, it’s a much better marketing scheme to spotlight the machines that do have its software.

    There are other products too nowadays. XBOX360 and Zune (are the only ones off the top of my head).

    Besides, have you ever seen a CVS and Walgreens? They look REALLY similar… So much that non-regular customers will still go to the wrong one thinking that CVS is Walgreens and Walgreens is CVS. (If people could tell the difference between Ye Ol’ Acronym Pharmacy and the Green Wall, my job would be a HELL lot easier)

  11. Sorry, but the only thing I could extract from that horrible attempt at English was “Mac-Book.” Stick to your Pee-Cee, maybe pick up an I Phone.

    Forgive Apple for trying to support THE PRODUCT THEY SOLD YOU, rather than taking the Dell Approach and just shipping you some POS refurb laptop that’s comparable to yours. Because UPS is sooo gentle with packages and Dell is renowned for their excellent, protective packaging :rolleyes:. If you think the Ford Focuses and Chevy Cobalts of computers are the shit, more power to you. I expect more, I pay more, I get more. That’s why I buy Apple.

  12. Can I correct you about the only OS thing? Because they do make a fair amount of input devices such as keyboards and Mice at fair quality with a reasonable prices depending on what kind you are buying. Plus you figure with Microsoft coming out with some version of a Phone (for was it Alltell or AT&T?) as well as Cameras, Headsets, Sidewinder Gaming products which was Microsoft’s Gaming solutions such as special mice and keyboards as well as controllers with their Force Feedback. then you figure all the software products that they sell Including ones for Mac which the Apple store doesn’t carry. Most of which has not been anything new. So granted Microsoft may not Make computers but they make enough items to warrant a store if they so chose to make one. Also after all you guys would figure Apple users would stop bashing PC’s and Microsoft after becoming glorified PC’s themselves now using PC parts and being able to natively run windows which guess what was about the time they started running Anti PC ads now that I think about it. Go figure. Oh and like to point out that Mac has become less of a necessity now that parts are the same as a PC that the MAC Operating System needs to Run hate ads against Microsoft since it no longer really has it’s niche (because what made the difference back in the day was how the processors worked.) And Microsoft is running ads and probably making the store to stem off Apple from branching out their operating system to other computer makers.(which probably won’t ever happen anyways to some weird ego elitism which I have yet to figure out.) Oh and since people are going to say Microsoft is ripping of OS what ever I would like you to take some real good looks at a few Linux operating systems before OS 9 and OS 10 that look like Apple ripped off. Which gets to SyunFung’s comment of the CVS and Walgreens thing because hell it’s the same damn thing if you look at it.

  13. I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned this. This would be a significant advantage over an apple store in terms of providing software.

  14. Windows 7 64-bit has a recommended 2 Gigs of ram for operation while Windows Vista 64-bit has a recommended 1 Gig of ram for operation how is that less?

  15. This store is no where near necessary…Microsoft has stuff in every freakin’ electronics store…if it ain’t on a computer, its on the X-BOX. Windows 7 is pretty dope though.

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