5 thoughts on “So it begins”

  1. Well done. I can’t help thinking that an alternate title could be “Mushroom Kingdom Murders”. I do get your point however, we do seem driven as a society to push our technology beyond our capacity to understand its implications. The overall green tone gives it a sickening and horrifing feel appropriate to the message.

  2. Hey man, the photo manipulation is fantastic. Watching the way it went from a regular photo that few people would look twice at, to the work of art you’ve made from it is awesome.

    On a separate topic, I notice on the gelaskins website (www.gelaskins.com) they have a Dark Horse section. I was wondering if there are any plans to release a range of applegeeks gelaskins. I’d love to see one of one of the early applegeeks single panels, the one where Hawk is sitting in the corner with a straightjacket on. :)

    If not, they have a section to submit your own art for a gelaskin, and I wouldn’t want to be doing this without first asking permission.

  3. The “Jamine” on th ground– what is the light source? I’m wondering if it should be upside-down or something…

    Either way Hawk, your work is fantastic!

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