Please read: Change of pace

I’m going to assume most of you already heard the big news that was posted by Ananth. We are indeed going to back to a once a week schedule. Now, this only applies to the big comic. The AG Lites will still be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The big comic will only be updated every Monday. Due to the update change, I moved the AG Lite above the big comic since it will be updated more frequently.

Now to answer the question…why?

Well, after drawing, inking, and coloring the comics for about 6 years, I realized I haven’t done a lot for myself. As you know, I work full time at a design studio. I’m learning a lot from my job and I love it. We are picking up work that challenges me to learn something new or push my skills even further. So when I come home, I am pumped with creativity. However I have very little time to accomplish anything for myself. It is a constant battle between creating something for myself and trying to get the comic updated on time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find doing AG comics a burden, not at all. The problem is, I find myself swimming in a pool of creativity. I like to mess with digital art, photography, video, and programming. By doing the AG comic once a week, I believe I can accomplish what I would like to do on my spare time.

Now here is the best part, you guys win as well. If you like my art, you’re going to see a lot more. I recently finished a matte painting for a client at work, now I want to do more matte paintings. If you like my photography, you’re going to see a lot more of that as well. I’m also learning AfterEffects, so it will be interesting to see what videos I produce. All of this will be posted on my personal site and I will tweet about it.

Lastly, I would also like to be able to just come home and relax. Where I can just sit back, watch a movie or play some games without worry about comic deadlines.

I think that covers most of it and I hope you understand. If you do…


59 thoughts on “Please read: Change of pace”

  1. Thank you so much for all the great things you have given us, and continue to give us, over the years, basically for free!

  2. The art style in “Issue 547 Real World” would work really well for a graphic novel (comic book). Hawk, you most definitely have the chops. Why not create a new IP for an actual comic book? And have it published by Dark Horse. I bet you would do well, and make some royalties while your at it, possibly.

  3. Dude! you totally rule… it’s great that you’re cutting yourself some slack and I love the fact that in spite of having such a hectic schedule you’re still posting the webcomic (for free, for your fans… it its very VERY much appreciated) I’ll keep on checking out the comic and look forward to seeing where your art takes you.

    Cheers frome Mexico.

  4. Hey, it’s cool Hawk. I can’t wait to see some more awesome artwork from you in the future. :D

    On a side note, I just realized on the new comic, shouldn’t the shadow of the text on the ground be upside down? Just thought I’d point that out. I really like the background on this page though. What brushes do you use for backgrounds like these?

  5. So I’ve been with you guys all the way back from “All Ur Nuts are belong to us” and The Shotgun Game. (Which BTW is a yearly favorite among our friends when the snow hits the ground, and there are big cold banks of white stuff to shoulder check your friends int.) Even if you guys had decided to quit I don’t think we could have asked for any more from you. I REALLY look forward to what you branch out to next..

  6. I think what all of us are essentially saying is… that sounds fabulous. Exploring new artistic horizons is always a good thing…

    Keep it up, looking forward to seeing more of your art!

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