Hey guys & gals,

Things have gotten really busy for us over here at Applegeeks – Hawk especially is getting a lot of new work in, and it’s keeping him up late. We’ve always done our best to keep up with our update schedule, but it is getting to the point that Hawk has zero free time. With that in mind, we’re dropping the updates back to every Monday for the big color comics for the time being. Applegeeks Lite will update as normal, 3 times a week. Sorry guys! We gotta breathe a little. ;)

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Comment by Lemmon Russ
2009-10-12 01:03:06

You guys provide us with a quality hilarious comic for free, I don’t think you have to apologize if you need to cut back on updates a little. Enjoy your free time. :)

Comment by Viruszero
2009-10-12 06:11:50

No need to apologize you guys balance AG Lit, AG, lives and jobs >.< get tired just thinking about it. Take any downtime you need people will always be here ready to read when you update

Comment by Treyos
2009-10-12 09:14:15

Well, busy at work is a good thing these days. When things start slowing down, people tend to get worried about lay-offs. *dealing with annoying rumours at work* Anyway, don’t want you two getting burned out by pushing yourselves too hard!

Comment by Robert V. Aldrich
2009-10-12 09:39:43

Hey, no problem. Best to keep Hawk busy, though. I would fear what he’d do when he gets bored (I remember a certain Wolverine/Hulk yaoi pic being mentioned not too long ago…)

Also, AG Lite today is great!

Comment by skippy
2009-10-12 11:11:02

no big, no big AG volume two is out and AG lite is a good smaller comic. a little time to yourself would be good + you deserve some time to yourself. thanks for the awesome comic guys!

Comment by Cybertimber2009
2009-10-12 20:22:19

The F1G1 (Fred 1 Galliger 1) disease has spread!

In all seriousness… it could be forseen. 4 comics a week from AG will do :)

Comment by Luis Ayuso
2009-10-12 21:04:39

i just got both books in…. so i have MORE then enough big comics to keep me going. now when will the AG lite book be released? i seem to remember a book cover made in black and white with half of hawks body sticking out or something…. any news about a release?

Comment by wanderingtamer
2009-10-12 21:18:28

It’s fine. You guys put out such an amazing product it’s totally cool. As always, looking forward to the new comics and hopefully I’ll be able to buy the second book soon. Looking forward to it.

Comment by RedNBlood
2009-10-13 08:34:20

dont worry about it. you have give us your time to draw and write for us =] take your time..and do what you need to do.

Comment by jack alope
2009-10-13 13:45:54

Can we see the pics before the correction?

Comment by ziken
2009-10-14 22:00:35

go for it. heck, if you have to, go for the comic every other week. as long as the AG Lite keep up the comedy. :D

btw, anymore of those eve figure? i’m thinking of getting a loan to get one of those…

Comment by Rai
2009-10-15 01:31:51

you guys want to keep your readers happy but we want you guys to be happy too

Comment by Sukichi
2009-10-20 10:27:29

Enjoy your break, guys. :)

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2009-11-21 05:53:11

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