Otakon, Comic Con, Connecticon

If I can have your attention for a minute…

I updated the convention list on the right side of the website. Some of you were wondering if we’re going to Otakon this year, yes we are.

We will also be at San Diego Comic con this year. This will be my second time and I’m really excited.

As usual, we’ll be at Connecticon, a convention where you can meet shit load of your favorite webcomic creators.

That is it for now, I’m going to be away from my computer tonight but I am determined to finish this comic!

6 thoughts on “Otakon, Comic Con, Connecticon”

  1. for a sec I thought you were gonna say attention, we’re canceling all appearances but looking forward to the one in the CT. later.

  2. The RSS has been hacked, when new posts show up in my Google Reader all I see is a bunch of porn/medicine keywords.

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