Surprise: Applegeeks Vol 2 Weird Science

So do you guys like surprises? I hope you do. I would like to officially announce the second volume of AG, Applegeeks Vol 2 Weird Science. I wasn’t lying when I tweeted about doing some work for dark horse last week.

I went through couple stages to create the cover for book two. At the end, I think it came out perfect. I’m pretty happy with it. Click on the image above to get a closer look.

You can preorder volume 2 at Amazon. Also volume 1 will be release on May 6.

25 thoughts on “Surprise: Applegeeks Vol 2 Weird Science”

  1. Someone had pointed this out on Amazon a few weeks ago and I’ve already pre-ordered. I like the cover on this on though.

  2. Sweet cover, that’s all I gotta say.

    Although…I dare say it could be a little less awesome. Give the other graphic novels a chance to sell.

  3. I like the idea of Volume 2 and will definatley buy a copy but I feel the cover art could be alot better. Like the eve photo you created with her on the rooftop. Overall I am definatley buying a copy.

  4. sometime keeping the art simple is the best answer. as i mentioned before, i went through couple of designs, they were all really busy. at the end, keeping it very simple and slick worked out the best.

  5. Yay! =D Congrats!

    The book should come with a warning label though, due to Eve’s massive amounts of cute. ;)

  6. I really like the evolution the strip has gone through. Keeps it fresh!
    Hawk, on a silly side note, have you ever considered AppleGeeks Legoland Adventures?

  7. sorry amazon put it up for preorder like a month ago :-( but im looking forward to it and i like the art as well

  8. I love the concept of the cover, colors and the pose. My only critique is that I find the angle of her face and the nub of the nose looks a tad odd.

  9. can’t wait to get money so i can preorder volume II !! this is perhaps the one time i will say that traveling europe sux… wont be home for months but i know volume one will be sitting in my house just waiting for me to read it -slowly dying inside-

  10. Isn’t this a pleasent surprise lol sadly with mastering unreal 3 vol 1 and 2 coming out in june and july ill have to pick these up in the fall.): def buying these though. fall reading shall be spidy and apple geeks and whatever else im behind on.

  11. You have no idea how happy I am to hear the volume 1 release has been pushed up! I’m looking forward to volume 2 as well. Assuming it also contains the next 2 years of AG, wouldn’t that also include the Exodus arc, or would be in a vol. 3?

  12. This is a very beautiful cover! Really nice angle of Eve. ^^ I just pre-ordered Vol. 1 and I’m looking forward to all the extra goodies inside!

  13. the nose seems a little off, it appears to be too far around her head. part of it is an optical illusion I know, but it just doesnt look quite right, the eye and mouth are turn too far towards the viewer to show so little nose

  14. Hmmm, Andy Ihnatko from the MacBreak Weekly podcast was really gushing over your art this week.

  15. Looks great especially when it looks like your earlier stuff, just one question. why did the art style change so much? i personally miss the old art and wish you would go back to it. keep them coming tho

  16. wow, only 1 more day ’til i get the 1st volume of applegeeks! :D i can’t wait! plus, it’s going to be aw3som3!!

  17. No offense man, but the face looks a little wonky. It looks like you tried for a new angle, which I admire, but the proportions seem a little too “off” for your style and the head doesn’t match up with the body. Criticisms aside, I’m looking forward to it.

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