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April 28, 2009

So do you guys like surprises? I hope you do. I would like to officially announce the second volume of AG, Applegeeks Vol 2 Weird Science. I wasn’t lying when I tweeted about doing some work for dark horse last week.

I went through couple stages to create the cover for book two. At the end, I think it came out perfect. I’m pretty happy with it. Click on the image above to get a closer look.

You can preorder volume 2 at Amazon. Also volume 1 will be release on May 6.

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Yuko and I showed up in the third panel of Questionable Content today … check out my sweetass sideburns. Aww yeaaaaah. Thanks Jeph! :D

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It seemed only natural to me that Eve would end up fighting crime … and that Hawk would encourage it. Actually, you can see back in #275 that Alice stumbled into a weird cave under Hawk’s lab – and onto some schematics for some pretty heavy-duty stuff! You can see it replicated in panel 4 in today’s comic.

Of course, every hero … needs a villain … !

Hey guys! We’re doing an appearance at J&M Comics and Games in Eldersburg on May 2nd, Free Comicbook Day!

Here’s the lowdown!

From 10am to Noon (We will hang around longer if we’re permitted!)
Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd
J&M Comics and Games
1213 Liberty Road Suite D
Eldersburg, MD 21784

Yuko will be coming with us! Come see us and say hey! We’ll look forward to it!

April 26, 2009
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The comics are up. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

April 21, 2009
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I’m half way done with the coloring.

April 19, 2009
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Hey guys, I need one more day to finish Monday comic. Well, actually it’s a pin-up art of Eve. Since the last comic ended with Eve fighting crime. I thought it would be cool to see her on a rooftop looking over the city.

I also kicked it back to old school by using pen and ink on mat board. Here is what I have so far.

The stone Eve is standing on was created with black india ink (which got me in trouble at the airport security, but that’s a whole different story) and a brush.

Hope you like it.