Monkeys at the Zoo

We did go to the National Zoo on Sunday and the majority of the time was looking at the monkeys.


Peek a boo Monkey

Do you mind?

The gang…

The gang

15 thoughts on “Monkeys at the Zoo”

  1. ANANTH HAS EYES HOMG. *screenshot’d*

    Also, those monkeys are sweet :D Especially the ones in the bottom picture :9

  2. Your monkeys reminded me of a story that I think you guys might appreciate.

    I remember one summer when I was a freshman, I was sitting in my dorm room one evening looking at the local news on the interwebs. Turns out the local zoo, which was just a few blocks down from my university, had lost one of their chimpanzees.

    Just as I’m looking through the article, I hear a racket on my balcony, and see I have a simian visitor looking in on me. He was chomping down on loquats from the trees on campus.

    Long story short, the monkey took off and I phoned the authorities. Sometimes I wonder what happened to that monkey.

  3. Actually most animals live longer in zoos.
    With wild cats, even though they are typically wanderers, it is only because they run out of food where they are.

    I’m not saying that being in the zoo is any better or worse for animals, just that for the most part, they tend to have a pretty good life.

  4. What kind of camera do you use? I have been looking for a new one and those pictures are so beautiful.

  5. I love the 2nd monkey! “I seeeee youuuuu!” =D

    Also: Hey, Ananth’s eyes! ;D

    Looks like you all had fun. I like zoos and museums and aquariums and stuff. =)

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