Diary of Indignities

In between doing lots of boring stuff like getting my files in order for taxes (hence the lack of a newspost today – seriously, it’s so boring), I managed to read Diary of Indignities by Patrick Hughes. Sam (editor of Applegeeks: Volume 1!) sent it along to me recently, and it’s the most vulgar, off-color, wince-inducing book I’ve read in a long time. It’s also fucking hilarious – I couldn’t stop reading or laughing. If your sense of humor veers in that direction, you should definitely check it out – I think I’m going to pick a few chapters for my friends so we can do a round-table reading. XD

Thanks Sam!!

3 thoughts on “Diary of Indignities”

  1. Totally unrelated but I just found out you guys are coming back to Otafest and I’d just like to say thanks for thinking we’re good enough for a return visit! :)

    I also hope you bring new stuff to buy since I bought everything you guys came with last year. :P

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