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February 25, 2009
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The comic will be up at the end of Thursday.

February 24, 2009
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It’s Hawk’s Birthday everyone! He’s turning 63 this year, so if he tells you he’s 27, it’s just that his memory is going and he gets a little confused sometimes. Just pat him on the shoulder and say, “Of course you are,” and hand him his teeth.

Jess is in town, so we’re throwing Hawk a little party this year! He doesn’t know when, or who is coming, or what it being done, so it’s a big mystery. A mystery, that, as Batman, I’m sure he will enjoy attempting to solve. It’s not going to help that I plan to throw him red herrings all week: “Oh yeah man, we got you salad instead of a cake” and “Obama told me to skip the expensive stuff, so I got you chicken nuggets instead of chicken”. We’re going to change the number of candles on his cake in the middle of the party to see if we can confuse him, and one of the candles is going to be a stick of TNT, which should be interesting (Actually, we’re just going to use one candle – the fire marshall told Jess we couldn’t light up 87 on one cake).

And presents! I can tell you what Jess got you right now: It’s a prostate self-examination kit. You gotta talk to her about it, I don’t even wanna know. My present to you is coming to your party, so you can have the security of knowing that I’m not somewhere else planning something awful for you.

Hahaha, all kidding aside, Happy Birthday man! Here’s to many more.

February 23, 2009
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In between doing lots of boring stuff like getting my files in order for taxes (hence the lack of a newspost today – seriously, it’s so boring), I managed to read Diary of Indignities by Patrick Hughes. Sam (editor of Applegeeks: Volume 1!) sent it along to me recently, and it’s the most vulgar, off-color, wince-inducing book I’ve read in a long time. It’s also fucking hilarious – I couldn’t stop reading or laughing. If your sense of humor veers in that direction, you should definitely check it out – I think I’m going to pick a few chapters for my friends so we can do a round-table reading. XD

Thanks Sam!!

February 19, 2009
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Here is a quick run down how Eve in Issue 500 was created. Beware the image is long.

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Holy shit, we did it! Applegeeks has hit #500! It’s a personal milestone for us.

I could talk about how awesome we are to have made it this far (and believe me, I am really proud of the fact!), but I actually want to take this opportunity to thank you guys. We started putting out these comics to entertain ourselves, but then you – all bazillion of you – came into the picture, and that changed things considerably. You guys have been too kind to us, and I’m glad we could make you laugh or get you excited over whatever nutty story arc we’re running. We know not everyone enjoys everything, but you guys have stuck with us through all of it, and I wanted to take this post to thank you guys for that. Whether you used to read Applegeeks, picked it up recently, or read it from day one, #500 is dedicated to you guys. If we could shake every one of your hands we would! Thank you.

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If you’re still reading our comics, thanks for sticking with us. Your support really means a lot to us.

If Applegeeks ever becomes an anime, I want it to look like this.

February 16, 2009
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Hawk mentioned it here, but I wanted to chime in. Ms. Sun was the dear friend of my best friend since elementary school. I’d never even seen her work until I loaded up the AG site this morning, but I clicked through and was swept away. The work is clearly technically proficient, but there’s a vision there that you rarely see. It’d mean a lot to all of us over here at Applegeeks if you took a moment to just browse around her website, particularly the gallery. There’s really no purer form of appreciation for an artist than enjoying their work.

Be safe!