14 thoughts on “Unfinished”


    Seriously, it’s very nice. Is this a real place, or your own composition?

  2. wow that is really nice, makes me want to get my watercolors out again.
    i wonder how the hulkish hawk/ hawkish hulk will look in watercolor..

  3. lol Love the contrast between the two. great pencils on hulk. and awesome start on water color. I really admire water color artists as the medium can be very difficult. Great job!

  4. Wow.. the watercolor is so tranquil and beautiful.. then there’s hulk.. seething and destructive in nature. Interesting combo. Both look great btw.

  5. Nice composite. Wonder how all the Ice in Ohio is inspiring you? Hawk try not to look so mean and grumpy-you’ll scare the natives!

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