Guest artist Yuko Ota!

Yuko Ota is the regular artist over at our co-created comic Johnny Wander – she’s graciously offered to fill in on some of the comics for Hawk while he’s gone, like those other times.

As always, her stuff looks great … I’m always amazed at how expressive her faces and body language are. Yuko will be filling in on Mondays while Hawk is gone. I’m still looking to arrange something for Thursdays, so those are unfortunately still a maybe. Oh! I did pass Hawk about 20 AG Lite scripts before he left, so those will definitely update like usual.

Oh, obligatory mention – Applegeeks Volume 1 is available for preorder. Click here or click the banner over on the right to take a look – preorders are 20% off! I have no idea how we’re managing that, but it’s pretty cool.

13 thoughts on “Guest artist Yuko Ota!”

  1. I’ve been checking out Johnny Wander and you guys are awesome! BTW did I mentions you guys are AWESOME!!!? Your works really is. Now seeing Yuko’s drawing on Apple Geeks is jaw draping. It’s just sooo damn good. I’ve love it. Keep up this good stuff. I think I’m a fan for life. *(^.^)*

  2. Yay, Yuko art! Always a pleasure. :)

    Now, we just need to figure out how to get her and Hawk together so they can breed beautiful artist babies… hm… I’m getting the beginnings of an idea here… man, this is good cough syrup…

  3. I love Yuko’s art style. anyone out there remember “Fallen”? I used to really like that, too bad it kind of died… :(

    But to anyone out there who likes Yuko and her art, check it out! The art gets better very quickly, and it’s fun to see that progression of skill!

  4. Yuko’s back! Sweetness…
    As for the comic I’m somewhat confused. I recognize Shivani from strip 307 and 308, and judging from what she says, I assume she is Gina’s big sister. What I don’t recognize is the other brunette that took her bag.
    So, either I’m experiencing an extended brainfart or this isn’t a story comic. Any suggestions?

  5. The other woman is Gina. As we’ve seen in Issue 485, a guest strip by the very same artist of the 3 women of Applegeeks, this is how the artist likes to draw Gina.

  6. I remember Fallen, I was really sad when it stopped updating as it had really pulled me in. A great comic was lost then, but thankfully we still have AG and Johnny Wander to tide us over.

    Can’t think of a better person than Yuko to sub in while Hawk’s away; I love how expressive her art is, it really does the characters justice and then some.

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