Congratulations to Ian and Jes!

Congratulations to Ian and Jes, formerly of Mac Hall and now of Three Panel Soul … they just had the happiest of holidays. They got MARRIED! It was a long time coming. ;) I’m going to use a word my grandfather used to use in saying that I’m wishing them the best on this most auspicious of occasions.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ian and Jes!”

  1. Yeah, Ian made a videogame during a whole year to propose to her. Now THAT is LOVE :P
    I hope Matt doesn’t feel even more “third wheeled” than usual, although he now has Dom to keep company xD (the next wedding maybe? lol)

  2. Yea, that video game was so romantic! Im sure it was a lovely wedding and we wish them all the best =3


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