Be back soon

Well guys, this is it. If you haven’t been paying attention to the AG Lites recently, I’ll be going away for a while. I’m taking a trip to Bangladesh with my mom to visit the family. It has been about 4 to 5 years since we last visited. So going back now will be fun and exciting. I’ll be flying out tomorrow and will return Jan 22.

Not to worry, AG is in good hands while I’m gone. I created a month worth of AG Lites in advance and they’re in the system. So you’ll be getting the lites as scheduled. As for the big comic, Yuko is taking some time from her busy schedule to update the comic. Keep in mind she is very busy with her own work, so she will be updating once a week. She is very talented and I know she’ll do an awesome job with the comics.

I think that’s pretty much it. I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and happy new year. Be safe. I will see you next year.

32 thoughts on “Be back soon”

  1. Oh noez, my favorite webcomic artist has a life what will I evar do! Ok, enough of that now, enjoy your trip and happy new year.

  2. I hope you catch some of our messages before you went. Have a wonderful trip, i know what its like to have lots of family overseas and hardly have any where you are. You’ll have a wonderful time.

  3. You will be missed Hawk, but if anybody has earned a month long vacation it is you. Have fun in your travels, and we will see you soon.

  4. I’m wondering why the art style has taken a completely radical turn from the previous style? What happened?

  5. Enjoy your trip!!!! I’m sure everything will be fine over here so here’s hoping everything will be fine over there!

  6. By the way, recent AG Lite is full of win! I really enjoy your making fun of the anti-Muslim paranoia. Really sets a good example on everyone.

  7. You know, I did. And I meant BEFORE Yuko came in as a guest artist. The art style has radically shifted from time to time over the years. All I wanted to know is what caused the latest shift from “clean cartoon” style, to the “washed-out half-finished” look. Sorry for being interested in the behind the scenes.

  8. Hello from Bangladesh! I just got back yesterday, so I hope you got some good pics of the election. Don’t be afraid to eat from food stands in the country. They have the best shingara.

  9. Hey! awesome! i’ve actually traveled to bangladesh to do mission work. its a awesome place. have a good time!

  10. I have to say, I’ll be sorry to see Yuko stop contributing–I’ve really enjoyed her work while you’ve been away! :)

  11. Welcome Home Hawk. I just saw the latest lite and i totally could have told you how to say that in Bengali…except i suck at writing Bengali phonetically so…I’m worthless to you…GO WEST BENGAL!

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