29 thoughts on “Pre-Order Applegeeks Vol 1 Freshman Year”

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  2. ^_^ Congrats guys. You did it, and now I shall support you guys for all the laughter you have given me…hmm so should I preorder 3 copys..or 5?

  3. my feeling is this….I love the cover, really. BUT to me, it doesn’t translate the era of the “First Year”…ya know? It seems to me that Hawk, you should have done something along the lines of comedic OR an Epic Cover…like your thanksgiving poster a couple weeks ago….
    This cover, would be perfect though for your recent comics, because it fits the style and storytelling atmosphere of the time. I feel like, I’m being mislead in terms of art style and era…

    Still, I’m pre-ordering this the shit out of my computer, man! AWESOME!

  4. I’m totally pre-ordering so I can get you guys to sign it when/if you guys come back to Calgary for this year’s Otafest.

  5. Congratulations, guys!

    Honestly, I’m surprised it took so long for Applegeeks to get published. When I first started reading, I was under the impression you guys had been doing so for a good while already.

    AG’s on of those high-quality comics you expect people to be making a living off of, so I was kinda shocked to see that I was wrong.

  6. This is swwwweeet. Can anybody tell me if this is can be delivered internationally? I live in Northern Ireland and really wanna get a copy!

  7. Publication date May 9th? Why so cruel?! On the plus side, pre-orders will be forgotten by then and it’ll just show up in the mail screaming “surprise!” ;)

  8. I am so excited for you guys! Im not pre-ordering just so I can go pick it up in the store and hold it against me knowing it can be mine! And then purchase it… very nice

  9. this is gonna be great…it will give me something to read on the plane to Iraq next year…it should come in just in time to leave

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