36 thoughts on “Issue 488”

  1. So I’m assuming this was inspired by Wolverine VS T-Rex?

    Also, no offense intended, if those proportions are accurate, I’m putting 20$ on the turkey.

  2. “So I’m assuming this was inspired by Wolverine VS T-Rex?”

    Iunno, the first thing I thought of was the movie “Reign of Fire” where the mercenary jumps from a high cliff onto the bigass dragon.
    I don’t remember as clearly if he survives the jump, though.

  3. [spoiler]
    Nope. As he jumps towards it, axe upheld, it eats him out of the air. The only thing left is his axe, and presumably somewhere a pair of smoking boots. [/spoiler]

  4. Love the new style, last few comics have looked AMAZING! Keep it up. Oh and hawk is totally gonna take that bird.

  5. Enjoy the ritualistic feasting on oversized poultry carcass today everyone. I know I will! Although, I’m more of a stuffing and pie person…

  6. While I won’t join you in your quest to eat an entire turkey, I will add my own resolution of eating three whole pies (I ate two and a half last year).

  7. It’s Ok to eat the whole bird. I’m not eating any today so you can have mine. ^_^; Just don’t overdose on the tryptophan . *(^o^)*

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