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November 27, 2008
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New comic is up!

Happy gobble gobble day!


November 24, 2008
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Here is a fun little app for you, it’s called Poladroid. You drag and drop any photos (high res for better result) onto the app and it spits out a polaroid version of it. The photo sits on your desktop, you can either wait for it to develop or you can shake it with your mouse. Here are some examples from me…

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New Wallpaper

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The comic is up, enjoy!

I would say, the fifth panel is my favorite. The texture really makes the image pop.

I’m going to read some Calvin and Hobbes until I fall asleep.

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Hey, so I’ve been posting surreptitious links to Johnny Wander for the past week or so, but I wanted to make some sort of formal announcement, so here goes. Johnny Wander is a comic on the internet done by Yuko Ota and myself. Most of you will remember Yuko from the fill in comics that she’s done for Hawk and I in the past. Well, Yuko and I enjoyed working together so much that we decided to start a comic that we have, for various reasons, titled Johnny Wander! It updates Tuesdays and Thursdays (you’ll notice that now, between Applegeeks and Johnny Wander, there is content from us to you 5 days a week!). That schedule is subject to change – meaning, some day we’d like to update more frequently. Right now the comics are autobiographical (that’s right, I *gasp* actually show up in Johnny Wander!), but keep an eye on it – we’ve got some interesting stuff lined up. There’s a substantial archive already, so feel free to peruse it! If you like it, leave us comments over at the site, bookmark it, pass the link around, tell your friends – Yuko and I are excited about it, and we hope you are too! And as always, thanks so much for your support! You guys are the best.

I should mention, while Hawk is gone to Bangladesh from the end of December to the middle of January, Yuko will also be filling in on the large Applegeeks comics! We’ll have more details about that in the upcoming weeks … I’m currently working on writing Hawk a hojillion Applegeeks Lite scripts so that we can have those in the update queue while he’s gone. So many text files …

November 23, 2008
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We set up Netflix on the 360 and ordered pizza and so I think we are extending the Phoenix Down preorder deadline to Midnight because come on it’s Netflix on the 360 I can’t help it

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Preorders for the Phoenix Down shirt end 8 PM EST tonight! If you place an order, please include the size you want in the seller’s comments when you submit your order. Thanks!

And thank you to everyone who has ordered so far! You surprised us with your demand, and we’re making a note of it. ;)