The Abominable Charles Christopher is a webcomic about a dim-witted yeti and crazy animal characters.

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Comment by kospowinc
2008-09-29 19:48:10

That’s some good comic-ing. Thanks for sharing it.

Comment by MikeyD, The Movie Nerd
2008-09-29 19:50:42

That was so good! I can’t believe the last comic he put up and now I have to wait a week!
This is awesome!

Comment by Baby Jimmy
2008-09-29 22:53:09

What a cliffhanger right now… Man I’m hooked on this one now.

Comment by redtail
2008-09-30 00:21:43

darn you hawk! now my list is even longer!

Comment by redtail
2008-09-30 00:22:35

darn you, hawk! now my webcomic list is even longer!

Comment by redtail
2008-09-30 00:23:37

oops, didn’t mean to post twice. stupid internet connection.

Comment by Ryan
2008-09-30 06:24:51


Comment by Silk_Sk
2008-09-30 16:57:10

Why? Why, Oh why couldn’t you have waited a week to put this up? That last comic stopped my heart. I can’t eat until tomorrow.

Comment by Shadewolfe
2008-09-30 17:00:24

Damnit, now I have something else to read in the mornings at work.

Comment by ladyrazorsharp
2008-09-30 17:19:26

Haven’t gotten through the series yet (cause of, you know, work =) ) but I love love love eet.

Thanks tons for the link! Viva Chuck!

(although Vivol is my favorite)

Comment by ladyrazorsharp
2008-09-30 19:30:53

Okay, so I went ahead and finished it anyway…and all I have to say is:

Dannnngg itttt…

(thanks for the link all the same) =D

Comment by Morghus
2008-10-01 07:01:20

Been following it for a while now, and it’s so charming and cute and sweet and it has a really awesome creature on the top of a mountain! \o/

Comment by Eric
2008-10-02 15:34:11

Just wanted to say that I appreciate the links to other comics you cartoonists put on your blogs. I found Christopher Charles about nine months ago from another comic doing just this.

And yes, ACC is amazing!!!


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