Happy Ramadan, Hawk!

Yesterday was pretty busy for me, so I’m a day late in saying so, but happy Ramadan Hawk! Good luck, I’m sure dinner last night was real nice.

I received a big stack of printouts from Dark Horse last week, and I was continuing to work my way through them yesterday. The task right now is figuring out page order, proofreading, and figuring out how to organize the book. Our first big deadline is coming up on October 1st, which means there’s a lot of work to be done! Work work work …

12 thoughts on “Happy Ramadan, Hawk!”

  1. Probably a bit early to start this but…

    I just had the best dinner. Taco’s, chips and salsa. Tomorrow I’m going to smoke a whole turkey for dinner. Then some mashed potatoes, some corn, and fresh rolls. mmmmmm. Food is awesome.

  2. muslims can take a small breakfast in the morning just before 4 – 5 am then we have to wait until 7 pm when the begin the maghrib prayer then we can eat

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