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August 27, 2008
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I’m putting Thursday comic on hold. I have a Friday deadline at work, which I need to focus on. Friday AG Lite will be up as scheduled. In the mean time, here are some pretty pictures.

Girl In Woods

Jess Sketch

August 26, 2008
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The crime that created Superman: Did fatal robbery spawn Man of Steel?

An interesting article about the origin of Superman.

August 25, 2008
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Hey guys! Just a heads up, there’s a sale over at Threadless! And a bunch of new shirts to boot – I’m eyeing a few myself!

Hey guys, review site Touch Podium wrote a stellar review of Snapture 2.0, but then they went a step further and decided to run a contest! They’re giving away 3 Snapture 2.0 licenses as the reward. Here’s the contest rules, lifted from their site:

The Contest
Now that you’ve had a chance to get all up into every nook and cranny of Snapture 2.0 and should by now have deposited a sizable lake of saliva into your lap, how would you like a chance to win yourself a free Snapture 2.0 Premium license? Of course you would.

We’ve got three (3!) of them to give away courtesy of Snapture Labs, and we’re gonna make this one easy — no drawing or artsy fartsy stuff. All you need is a jailbroken device, the free version of Snapture, and you.

All we want for a chance to win is a screenshot. Nothing more, nothing less. Download Snapture 2.0 from Cydia, load it up, aim the camera at something and take a screenshot. (For iPhone 2.0 users, hold HOME, then press the POWER button; for first-gen users, hold HOME while flipping the mute switch) Aim at anything that catches your eye or is interesting to you. (No body parts that are best left concealed — yours or otherwise.) Your house? Of your town? Your back yard? You? Sasquatch? (Not the rubber kind) Maybe you’d prefer nature shots of flowers, trees, the sky, perhaps still life shots, pictures of empty candy bar wrappers — whatever Snapture’s viewfinder sees that pleases you, we’d love to see it. The world is your light box, and we want to see what you see through Snapture’s lens.

That’s really it. Frame a shot and then take a screenshot from within Snapture and then E-Mail it to us at with the subject line “Snapture Contest Submission.” (If you click the link you just passed, that will be filled in for you.) Just attach your image to the E-Mail and send it off. It would be nice if you could describe what Snapture is looking at maybe explain where it was taken and/or what it is a picture of, just so we can describe it if it wins — but it’s not totally necessary.

But let’s get some pesky contest rules out of the way first:

  • This contest is open to everyone in any city, town, province, state, country, planet, system, galaxy, cluster, or universe, of any age group, gender, colour, creed, race, social strata, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, or sub-species. Except marmosets. You’re still not welcome here after that last time. I still haven’t gotten the stains out. And Bill O’Reilly, just because.
  • You can enter as many times as you like
  • Your screenshots must be original and unaltered.
  • Seriously, no pictures of your dangly bits. Like, eww. Keep ‘em clean and wholesome. If your mother would cuff you for showing them to her, so will we.
  • Contest deadline is 11:59:59 PM, Sunday, September 7th, 2008.
  • That’s it! Grab Snapture if you have’t already and get snapping!

Head over to Touch Podium for the full rules and the very thorough review! :D

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The newest AG Lite is about Warner Bros. wanting to do a darker revamp of Superman a la the new Batman. This is the first time I’ve tried some “fake” continuity (He-man was touched on in AG Lite 344), but I felt like the subject matter warranted the comic, and really, this one would work on it’s own if it came to that. Luckily, most of you are return readers. ;)

Anyway, yeah, highly skeptical. This trend of making characters “dark” because it worked for Batman is ignorant at best and lazy at worst. Try to do something original – Iron Man worked out really well, and Tony Stark was a fresh new character on the big screen. As much as I liked The Dark Knight, I’m still unbelievably impressed with what Downey did with Iron Man – there’s a character that surprised us with his charm.

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I really like today’s AG Lite.

August 21, 2008
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Snapture 2.0 is out!

Around the web:
-WIRED: Snapture 2.0: Finally, a Reason to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3G
-Touch Podium: Snapture Labs Announces Snapture 2.0, and There Was Much Rejoicing
-iSmashPhone: A New App Takes Your iPhone Camera to a New Level
-Product Reviews: Snapture 2.0 brings improvements to iPhone 3G cameras

A boatload of new features and lots of tweaks and fine-tuning! There’s a new website too … for a rundown on everything, go check it out! I’ll probably be updating this post as the day goes on, if for nothing more than my own satisfaction. XD