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July 31, 2008
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Ananth already left for Connecticut early this morning. I’ll be flying up later in the evening. Applegeeks Lites for Friday and Monday are done and will be up as scheduled.

If you’re going to Connecticon this weekend, our table will be in the dealer’s room. So stop by and say hello. As usual, I’ll be doing free AG character sketches and I will be selling my art book.

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In the past this was a difficult task on Leopard. It required *gasp* the purchase of software. Typically I am against that, but if the software is good, or performs a task that there is no free alternative for, I’ll buy it.

This was the case with Spanning Sync. I want […]

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July 29, 2008
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Hey guys, Brian wanted me to mention his revamp. Hookie Dookie Panic! was a comic about some pretty wild stuff, but it came to an end. Brian Wilson recently linked me to his newest endeavor, entitled Geist Panik! From what I can see so far, it’s about a girl who can suddenly see the ghost world that runs parallel to ours … it also features at least one cameo by our friends over at Morlock Enterprises, who do fantastic work. Check ’em out!

(Guys, Azumazon in the comments reminded me: NOT WORK SAFE, check this comic at home!! Sex abounds.) I also wanted to mention Anders Loves Maria, a webcomic about, as the website says it, a story about “adulthood” in a modern age where coming-of-age seems to be completely arbitrary. I love the look of it, and I started reading and couldn’t stop, even when it got really hard to click to the next page. Not hard as in bad, but hard as in “god these people are so mean to each other i wonder what happens next”. It plays with story structure a lot, jumping between past and present, so be ready to pay attention!

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Experimenting with Kraft paper, black and white charcoal.

July 28, 2008
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There’ve been a lot of spelling/grammar errors in the past few comics, I apologize! As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been a busy couple of days (weeks, even), and I think they’ve taken a bit of a toll on me. I’m taking some time to relax, but I’ll also make a point of proofreading a little more carefully – usually I’m pretty on the money, and I’m way too anal about spelling and grammar to let this slide. Just wanted to say I’d noticed!

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2ND UPDATE The official press release from Dark Horse is out!

UPDATE Hawk posted about it, but to repeat: IGN interviewed me about the new book. Fun interview, check it out!


You read that right – after all our lame excuses and putting-offs, it’s official!

Last year at Kumoricon, we sat down and had lunch with Samantha Robertson and talked about the possibility of doing an AppleGeeks book. We’ve been talking to Dark Horse since then, at first feeling things out and later on ironing out the details as everything began to fall into place. The official announcement is being made at San Diego ComiCon, but today we’re happy to give you guys our own official announcement: AppleGeeks Vol. 1 will hit shelves in June 2009! To quote the press release:

“AppleGeeks Volume 1 will include creator commentary, a pin-up gallery, and lots of other bonus material. All 184 pages will be printed in full color and will go on sale in June 2009 for just $14.95. “

It’s going to include all the comics up through Eve’s appearance in the strip, but that’s not all – we’re currently in talks with Samantha (who you guys should all give a HUGE thank you, none of this would have been possible without her patience and enthusiasm!) to have a whole host of awesome bonus material crammed into the book as well! We’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as we get more info, but I’m going to go ahead and say that a couple of the ideas we have for bonus material are really exciting.

When Hawk and I started Applegeeks, I felt like we really accomplished something cool, and this book reminds me of what that was like. And so, this is a public internet handshake to you Hawk – when we were in the back of art class listening to this guy ramble, with you scribbling down thumbnails and me jotting down dialogue, that was the start of a pretty awesome trip. Thank you Hawk, and thank you to all the readers who hopped aboard to join us for the ride! I’m raising my glass to all of you.

We’ll be at Connecticon and Otakon, the first and second week of August, so come check us out! We’ll have some new shirts and other things, come grab one or just come and say hi! We’re always happy to chat with you guys. :)

July 27, 2008
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Yay for another thunderstorm, huge thunderstorm warning, with strong wind and hail. If the comic doesn’t appear tomorrow, it’s because I lost power.