14 thoughts on “The Website Is Down”

  1. That’s wonderful. He’s slick, you can say that much.

    Don’t you have a degree in computer science, Hawk? I am in the program now…and I’m the oldest of the only three girls in my entire major at my school. I’m about to be a junior; the other two will be sophomores. It’s definitely unnerving sometimes! xD

  2. I was a computer science major for couple years then switched to Art to get out of college faster. At the end I do a lot of programming at work.

  3. I’ve never done anything like that I swear!

    Actually, sadly I’ve spent hours on the phone with a client trying to fix her internet connection while playing WoW and right before I sent a tech to her house, she noticed the cable was unplugged…

    I got 4 levels that day. ;)

  4. This IS my salesguy, while he doesn’t have his icons in any fun shapes, he does have 30+ windows open all the time, and I’ve seen some interesting things in his internet usage logs.

  5. That was insane. I shudder to think of what our IT guys at work go through. “I can’t find anything now!” LOL

  6. I work as a support tech and I just sent that around my office… people were laughing so hard they fell out of there cubes.

  7. Oh the irony! Just after watching that I headed over to the MegaTokyo forums – they were down.
    (MySQL error – too many connections. Apparently you /can/ be too popular!)

  8. Heh heh. I had to run tech support for a couple years and I had a couple incidents like this, too. I remember this one time I had to go try to fix some virus-ridden box that was still running Windows NT. Good times, man. Good times.

  9. Wow, I remember dealing with shiat like that all the time a few years back. Ever so glad to be back in college, and can pretend to be ignorant of the situation.

  10. AAARG x.x . .
    reminds me of my work -.-
    i love helping people with stuff i understand, but seriously, customers sometimes make me reconsider working on some construction site instead of techsupoort ._.

  11. Aah… The memories. People not knowing what they’re talking about, Acting like you broke their computer, Trying to make you fix something when they’re the problem.

    Makes me glad I’m jobless at the moment, and going back to school this fall.

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